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  1. armsanddanger

    PO: Save Ends - A Book About Bad Luck

    New music video: https://www.punknews.org/article/66686/videos-save-ends-beautiful-trouble Webstore: http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com
  2. Thanks to everybody who grabbed one of these.
  3. Gonna be running this deal through the weekend. Get 'em while they last!! http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com/products/611328-5-records-for-15-free-media-mail-shipping
  4. Got a bunch of orders to ship Monday AM, get your order in today and it'll go out with them.
  5. Still running this deal, plenty of great stuff left. Grab 2 or 3 of these bad boys and you can spin new records for hours while helping me pay the bills.
  6. armsanddanger

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Made a thread for this, so sorry about the double post, but I felt like it was relevant. 5 LPs going back through our entire catalog for $15 (free media mail shipping). http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com
  7. I'm back from Florida and getting any orders that came in while I was gone shipped out tomorrow. Orders will all ship within a day or two now. BN is back to being just me doing everything, so please be patient.
  8. Headed out of town this weekend, starting early tomorrow AM. All orders placed before 10am EST today will be shipping out this afternoon, but anything after that is going to wait until sometime next week.
  9. http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com/products/611328-5-records-for-15-free-media-mail-shipping We recently moved all of our stock into our new "warehouse", aka my garage, so in an effort to clear out a bunch of space, we've got a really good deal running. $15 gets you 5 LPs from our 10 year back catalog, shipped via media mail for free. If you buy more than one, I'll make sure you don't get any duplicates. On top of the deal , we've got all our newer releases in stock, as well as a bunch of back catalog stuff. I'm slowly adding more and more by the day, and if you don't see something, feel free to shoot an email to [email protected]rs.com.
  10. For our first 2018 release, we’re stoked to announce we’ll be working with Brian Rothenbeck & The Adventuring Party to release their new LP, “Basilisk.” Prior to this, Rothenbeck had only released solo recordings that featured acoustic guitars paired with otherwise sparse instrumentation. “Basilisk” adds a full band into the mix and the result is a folky/punk Americana rock record that’s sure to be enjoyed by fans of The Weakerthans, Uncle Tupelo, and PJ Bond. Check out the music video for the first single here: http://www.youdontknowjersey.com/2017/12/video-premiere-the-complete-guide-to-the-fucking-obvious-by-brian-rothenbeck-the-adventuring-party/ And pre-order the LP here: http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com/products/607192-brian-rothenbeck-the-adventuring-party-basilisk
  11. Bumping this thread one more time. Still time to order one of these for the holidays. Get one for a friend, order one for yourself and gift the records you don't want, the possibilities are endless. Could really use the cash at the end of the year here.
  12. That definitely could have been the reason. Did you get your stuff yet? Sorry, I've been swamped and haven't come back to VC in a while.