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  1. Yea, I've got Lilac Daze, Hot Knife, and Brackish in stock. I did another one for a cool band from Philly called In The Pines, but I believe they have all the copies and have since broken up. We did custom air fresheners with that release.
  2. Any orders placed over the weekend/last night went out this morning.
  3. I saw at least one get posted to IG, and I know that a few others went out.
  4. This will most likely be the last week for these mystery bundles, and I don't expect to do another run this year. Still plenty of variety left for anyone who's interested. Any orders that have already been placed have shipped out. Check your spam folder for tracking info.
  5. It’s a mix of back stock, returns from my old store, and newer releases. If anything is really jacked up, it probably happened in shipping. Definitely not intentionally sending out damaged stuff.
  6. All orders are shipped out and tracking numbers went out to the address on the order. Check your spam folder, had a few people not get an email in their inbox.
  7. Anybody get theirs yet? I know the first few shipments were due to arrive at the end of last week.
  8. Yea, did you not get an email with tracking? I'll send you your number via email now.
  9. Hitting the post office in the morning with any orders that came in since Tuesday. Order before I leave for work tomorrow and yours will go out with them!
  10. Packing orders tonight for shipping tomorrow morning. Today would be an ideal time to order a second.
  11. Hitting the post office tomorrow AM with all the orders that have come in so far.
  12. Thanks for pointing that out. Must have forgot to add those categories for it. All my stuff came back from my old webstore, and I had to add it all back into Limited Run by myself.