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  1. In all honesty i dont think it actually went to new york. i have shipped a ton of international and not a single one has gone to NY. If you follow the tracking times/dates, the NY and Miami scans are on the same day. Im assuming it was scanned in miami and the main network in NY was notified. at least thats my guess. because the final departed scan from the USA came from miami
  2. It was only a single 7" less than a pound. I'm just glad first class has tracking now. saves my ass
  3. i usually hate usps but this is amazing... Shipped first class international, cost me $11 total and was delivered in 4 days
  4. http://www.shopradiocast.com/products/Blink-182-%7B47%7D-Swindle-%252d-Split-7%22.html Grilled Cheese/Cargo Records indie 7" from 1996 - Blink 182 do "Lemmings" and Swindle do "Going Nowhere" and "One Track". NOW REISSUED ON COLORED VINYL! Vinyl Color: Colored Tracklisting: 01. Blink 182 - Lemmings 02. Swindle - Going Nowhere 03. Swindle - One Track
  5. haha wow thats pretty bad. I guess just message them again and if enough people do maybe they will send one out.
  6. Yeah that is the only way right now. Modlife never sent out tracking numbers. If you live on the east coast i would say next monday or tuesday because they use the UPS smart post that goes to USPS for final delivery.

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