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  1. Also awaiting mine :D first time in awhile for me to listen to new music on vinyl for the first time
  2. Hell yeah! That was a super interesting little side project they did and I wish continued! I remember one live recording where Julio said he took shrooms right before coming on stage. It was spacey and freeform. Had that killer ATAL rhythm section. I've gotta try to get some more of their mp3s. I think I just have their first EP. Did you ever get into their post ATAL project, The Black and the White (?)? I remember not digging it as much. But I think I'm going to give it another shot right now after all this talk.
  3. do we think there will be a tour variant? never seen Converge and just moved to MA so i'm thinking about splurging on a stubhub ticket for their hometown show in December.
  4. anyone else having trouble checking out while ordering this? it's giving me issues with both Paypal and credit card options. weird. i emailed merchdirect. and damn that's pretty uncommon to have only heard Lafacadio. definitely check out their later catalogue. their sound matured and got way jazzier and experimental. really wish they kept on keepin on.
  5. i was just able to order a copy of The Satellite Years :). get on it while it's up http://merchnow.com/products/v2/242998/the-satellite-years-clear-and-purple-splatter ^damn that was weird. i don't think they made an announcement or anything. i was just randomly looking for it haha
  6. might have to grab this on the thrice tour. only album of theirs that i don't have.
  7. the single got semi-interesting in the second half of it... The Somatic Defilement was their peak in my opinion. cool that they're still making music though.
  8. will wait to see them this summer to pick up a copy. fuck shipping

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