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  1. Got an extra of the Taylor Swift. Will trade for the Portraits of Her comp LP
  2. I will have an extra but I would like to trade it for the Portraits of Her comp that came out.
  3. I should have an extra Taylor Swift 7" if someone can find me that Portraits of Her comp.
  4. Anyone see that Portraits of Her comp? Need that one yet?
  5. Did anyone get the single with the book yet? Figured that would have shipped first.
  6. Anyone have a lead on the Amy Winehouse Remixes 2xLP? I think it might be next drop?
  7. My Target copy is opaque red Webstore & retail are definitely 2 different greens. One is opaque and one is translucent.
  8. Forest Green from her store. I knew of the red one, but didn't know there was 2 green ones.
  9. Anyone have any clue when that Milo Ukelele 7" is shipping out?
  10. I remember seeing this band on tour for this record and not knowing who they were. Ended up standing there completely blown away watching their set.
  11. It's up on Bandcamp now. https://twominutestolatenight.bandcamp.com/merch/every-time-i-die-cave-in-7-split-vinyl-pre-order-summer-2021?from=fanpub_fnb_merch&utm_source=merch_release&utm_medium=email&utm_content=fanpub_fnb_merch&utm_campaign=twominutestolatenight+merch+every-time-i-die-cave-in-7-split-vinyl-pre-order-summer-2021
  12. I received everything except for the Evermore 2xLP (which isn't supposed to be out yet). The Xmas Tree Farm disk just showed up with no email that it shipped. Weird.
  13. Haha - I just got a FIRST CLASS package that shipped 11/27. 1 Month and 2 days from Chicago to PA? But yet I got a Media Mail package from San Francisco in a week. Sounds like they are just throwing whatever packages out no matter what you pay for postage. Making no sense whatsoever.
  14. OK - so my Cardigan 12", 7", and CD plus the Caardigan "Cabin" 12", 7" and CD came today with only a processed order email. Keep holding out hope people! But, did anyone get their Cardigan 12" Picture Disk yet?
  15. Nice. Did you get shipping confirmation on this one? I ordered min separate from the other stuff.
  16. Got my Target LP today. Shipped in a bag, no protection at all. Bent and beat all to hell.