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  1. I might be the only one who cares enough about this but: Savage Garden - S/T is being pressed by JB Hi-Fi. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-savage-garden-savage-garden-white-vinyl-2lp-colour-may-vary Steep pricing and shipping, but this album is my childhood.
  2. By one minute too! great minds I guess. As long as they tour so I can get closure I'll be happy.
  3. This will be their last album, which makes me very sad. https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/white-lung/premonition/deluxe-lp
  4. I emailed to cancel my order and they refunded me right away. So at least that's one positive about them. Thanks for the heads up @yumplok, @[email protected]
  5. Can't speak to the quality, but I just ordered a couple bootlegs from this person: https://www.limittill.com/ Pricey, but pretty cool releases. I will report back once I have them in hand.
  6. Was just thinking about this. If they don't release it I'm killing myself.
  7. Comes with original mix and a second LP with a new mix by Tchad Blake https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/the-kills/no-wow-the-tchad-blake-mix-2022/exclusive-limited-double-lp
  8. I feel like most people in this thread are just expressing that they don't find it to be a very special release compared to what's already out there, and you're getting way bent out of shape by it. Those who want it will buy it, those who don't will not. In related news, internet forums remain unchanged since their inception.
  9. Dang, missed it. Obligatory "if someone doesn't want theirs, let me know"
  10. Fack, I kinda want to list my Gutter copy now. I'm not familiar with this label, do they put out good product? I'm hoping it will be pressed on heavier weight than the original. Either way I'll be grabbing it for sure.
  11. sonuvabitch, I just ordered this on CD a couple week ago cause that was all they had.
  12. Also ordered Charli from Port of Sound. Got shipping notification the day of.

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