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  1. Worth noting: there’s a recent 7” with two tracks off Heavy Rocks (the OG one), but it’s unclear how they were sourced and only adds to the mystery of the masters, rights, etc.
  2. Surprised that none of the victory pallets seem to have had TP’s for Grade - Headfirst.. which is likely the only thing I’d consider buying. I know from Popsike that the tests for that one were still blank pic discs & so probably still sound like ass, but I still hope to score one someday.
  3. Oh wow, gotcha. I had assumed the tracks on the tape were from a different session at least. Double yikes at the tape price, then, hah.
  4. I’d much prefer it if they had done this as another 4LP set with a new cut of the OG, the 2 ‘Secret History’ records, and the cassette tracks cut to vinyl. I get that the option they went with will rake in more cash though.
  5. While the art isn’t for me, I also can’t imagine slotting this next to the rest of my Converge LP’s given Bannon’s art adorns every other sleeve. Just seems wildly out-of-place to me. It is interesting to consider how big Derek Hess’ art was ‘back in the day’ (and how often it was ripped off). It fell out of fashion, I guess, but I think the AN & Hellchild splits make cool neighbors in a ‘splits’ section.
  6. While I appreciate the remaster, I’d have preferred they either repress the splits OR preferably added the studio tracks from their side of the Hellchild split to fill this out. Feels like a missed opportunity there, imho.
  7. A big thank you to the VC community for putting the NYD option on my radar - was able to snag a copy of the fan club color. Y’all are the best, for real.
  8. This one of those real ‘peek behind the curtain’ threads, and I’m here for it. I think phillybhatesme is on the right track: organize by genre if it makes sense with your storage, but feel empowered to invent your own umbrella-categories based on how you listen. Folks above are discussing whether to lump punk & metal together, but maybe you think it’s insane to have a ‘jazz’ section because “how could you even put hard bop next to fire music?!?” or whatever. Just find an arrangement that’s true to what you love about the music.
  9. Musically I quite like it - the pacing is great and some of the riffs go toe to toe with their best work. Downside of being able to understand a lot of the lyrics is that -for me- they’re dull but the vocal *delivery* is ace. On the whole it’s REALLY impressive by any standard, let alone for a band as old as Carcass.
  10. As insane as this sounds, this is the best Integrity *album*. It’s too metal, not particularly moshable, and more weird than dark / angry or whatever, but it’s also the most cohesive and daring thing in their catalog. I wish more people would check it out.
  11. I’m hoping this eventually gets us the ‘Acoustic Mainlines’ set from Union Chapel. All-time fave thing he’s done, and desperately needs to see the light of day. Hell, I’d settle for a CD at this point.
  12. Not to mention adding an extra track to W&T, an LP (in)famous for how bad the first press actually sounds.. *chef’s kiss* right there.
  13. Still holding out hope that we’ll someday get an official release of the 2007 Acoustic Mainlines concert at Union Chapel, which is my fave of all the live sets & full-on gospel. Factory25 announced it about a decade ago(!?) but haven’t updated that page since. I email them about it maybe once a year, but never get a reply.
  14. Seeing as these seem to be starting to show up, I’d like to reiterate that if anyone winds up with an extra I’ll gladly take it off your hands. Don’t care about the color combo - I’d just like to actually have the damn thing.
  15. Damn, that’s a score! (Pun intended, I guess?) Seriously both happy for you and also jealous as hell.
  16. I’m hoping one of these labels eventually gets around to doing the Darkside Blues OST, but I’m not gonna hold my breathe on that one..
  17. They had also done a small run of a few releases (on black) just for a shop in Japan a while back with Obi strips and Japanese lyric sheets. Faith/Void, 4 old 7”s, Flex Your Head, and a couple others. I was hoping they’d do more of those, too.
  18. Well if anybody winds up with an extra, I’ll happily take it off your hands at full cost plus re-shipping. I don’t care the least bit about which color/s I can score, but I’d def like to eventually own a copy of the thing..
  19. Aaaaand ‘Faded Now’ is sold out (or at least this pressing is).
  20. If anyone needs the actual OST on vinyl, you’ll have to drop serious $$. Bought mine from Amazon Japan for close to $100 when it came out, now goes for $600ish on Discogs. Hopefully that gets repressed for the rest of y’all. Meanwhile I might pick this one up!
  21. Not yet. Did it come with the OBI that was teased on their bandcamp?
  22. ‘3’ is pretty enjoyable, but I was really bummed about Glass Candy being MIA from the track list. I expect ‘Dear Tommy’ will come out eventually, but I can’t say the same for ‘Body Work’..
  23. I can’t believe I missed this. You log off for ONE day.. *fingers crossed* for the domestic release, I guess.
  24. Insta-buy, thank you CURATOR. One of the all-time catchiest songs, seriously hyped if you fuck with the Replacements, Big Star, power pop anthems in general. $7.50 < $300

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