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  1. Fucking yes. I've been waiting for this for years. My favorite cult of luna album.
  2. Struggle a bit with her vocals but love COL so willing to give this a go.
  3. Prob won't buy anything from that list, have all the Botch stuff already, White Silence is phenomenal though if some of you don't have it.
  4. Says double lp on the website. Not that bad a price for a double.
  5. Agree, they really have redefined what a shit band is.
  6. Totally in for a VC Minecraft server! Not that I get much spare time but would love to play that game with a bunch of people instead of alone in a big old world.
  7. Hmmm. The records don't seem to be getting extra dusty and I always give them a brush before playing. Might see about getting a cork mat.
  8. Why then did they not make the whole of the second record at 45? Side c only has Man The Ramparts on it so I would have thought it would fit at 45.
  9. Everything in my system seems to work fine, well apart from the speakers, and even they are fine, just not very good but I digress. Sometimes when going to pick up the tone arm I get a small static electric shock from it. This never used to happen but since I changed my amp from an older not so great one to a new, all the mod cons included, one this seems to be happening. Its not really a massive problem, the shocks are very small and I can barely feel them. I can sometimes see a small spark though. Just wondering if there is anything I should be worried about here or just keep going as I am.
  10. Just wondering if there are many 2 x LP's out there that have differing play speeds for the different sides. I have one like this, Botch - We Are The Romans. Side D plays at 45RPM while the rest play at 33 1/3. Why would they make it this way?

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