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  1. If anyone’s planning on ordering this from the Uk, be warned that Roadrunner have stuck an extra £10 on the yellow and red variants. They’re charging £29.99 plus £6 shipping when you could get it from the US store for about £23 including shipping. Even with import charges that you may not get anyhow, it’d still probably be cheaper. Saw them support Touché a few years back and really enjoyed them but it did feel like I was the only person that did.
  2. Hey Is any kind soul willing to send this to the uk for me? With hot topic shipping it's 64 bucks. I waited to see if any of the last press made it over but they didn't. Willing to pay up front and if there's anything I can get from the uk in return I'm happy to do so. Thanks
  3. https://kontrabandstor.es/mooseblood/blush-album/moose-blood-album-12-vinyl-album
  4. Just bought this, must be up early. Pink and black vinyl plus a pink 7" single, unsure if that's uk only
  5. Everything goes numb and Somewhere in the between also being repressed by the looks of it, woohoo
  6. Nope, mine says processing as well. I've emailed them a couple of times, haven't heard back yet.