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  1. badabsentee

    Kanye West -Yeezus

    Ordered one from Sonic Boom this morning and it shipped by the afternoon.
  2. They said they refunded me but it doesn't look like it happened yet. If I do get the money back I'll just sent it right back at 'em, gotta support them so they can keep putting out good stuff.
  3. I got the same message and I ended up getting it anyway. Don't know what happened but it was a pleasant surprise when I got home. Be on the lookout, it could still show up.
  4. Just got this in today, got #32. Heres the cover: Curious to see what the other covers look like. Anyone mind sharing theirs when they come in?
  5. badabsentee

    Merch on Desaparecidos tour?

    Anyone have a picture of the tour poster? Would love to see it.
  6. Looks like Rough Trade still has some copies of the Covers 2 EP. http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/69537
  7. Usually don't complain but $15 for a regular 7" is kind of crazy.
  8. Colors are split between 1000 copies, so figure 333 for each color.
  9. Dude offered these records about a year ago. Bought Kid A, Amnesiac, and Person Pitch and they never showed up. This guy straight up sucks.
  10. badabsentee

    AJJ/Ghost Mice Split LP re-press

    Just got this in the mail. My copy is on a split dark green and greenish blue, not black.
  11. Some white copies are now available at Infinity Cat: http://infinitycat.com/wordpress/products-page/vinyl-categories/jeff-the-brotherhood-white-vinyl-hypnotic-nights-sunglasses
  12. Seems to be out of stock at Amoeba now. Glad I got my order in when I did. Hopefully they had enough copies.
  13. badabsentee

    Ty Segall Band "Slaughterhouse"

    Doesn't look like they have anymore. They took down the "First 300 orders get it on clear," on the order page.
  14. badabsentee

    Ty Segall Band "Slaughterhouse"

    This just came in the mail. Got a clear copy. Sounds great!