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  1. A contender for (ambient) AOTY, no doubt... A collaboration between Thomas Meluch (Benoît Pioulard) and Kyle Dunn (Kyle Bobby Dunn), -PERILS self-titled 12" LP https://soundcloud.com/desire-path-recordings/perils-leveled#t=4:34 https://soundcloud.com/desire-path-recordings/perils-flaw Check out 2 tracks above, 1 with the ambient gusto you'd expect, the other with Benoit classic vocals...This is an album not to be missed. I am not sure of the pressing info on this, but I cant image its huge, so I'd make sure to grab a copy in the coming months...http://www.desirepathrecordings.com/releases/perils-perils/ No direct buying option, so order through your local store, or your fav online retailer! Midheaven is the Distro: https://midheaven.com/item/st-by-perils#.VfHCy7Sd PERILS began auspiciously in 2012 at transitional points in these artists’ lives. Kyle was living in a small town called Belleville, Ontario trying to complete Kyle Bobby Dunn and The Infinite Sadness (Students of Decay) and coming to grips with the fact that this great endeavor was at its end. Given the enormity of the record and the emotionally and physically exhausting process of recording the album, Kyle found himself drained with unforeseen questions and confusions. Working only at night, Kyle immersed himself into this newfound nocturnal work, finding a path in the midst of wondering. Thomas, meanwhile, was in a state of literal transition: uprooting from the UK and relocating to Seattle during the recording process of PERILS. In a state of flux, nearly drowning under the anxieties of living on uncertain ground, Thomas channeled these emotions into musical escapades. Thomas recorded in his spare moments, sending sonic puzzle pieces one by one to Kyle, who would in turn explore the musical sentiments Thomas had shared, adding his own billowing sounds to the seething mix. The ten pieces created for this release are culled from a poutine- and whisky-fueled trudge through the dark corridors of an as-yet undiscovered or possibly imaginary mystic temple. Commencing with the shimmering guitar and tape loops of “Colours Hide My Face,” the album crawls out of the grooves with a slow-churning turmoil, coaxing the listener to embark along its path. The dirge-like guitar clang and vocals of “(Dead in the) Creekbed Blues” could be an 18th century blues standard emitted from a buried radio. On PERILS, Thomas Meluch and Kyle Bobby Dunn lock arms and together chart the upheaval in their lives to bridge the liminal gulf between the once-was and the soon-to-be.
  2. ^ Thanks man, I def will be asking the various stores in my area...I almost ALWAYS do special orders as I have like 5 stores within 30m of me, and most usually get what I ask for! Thanks for letting me know its not too late...
  3. PLEASE PLEASE! Someone grab an extra tour pressing...I knew I was holding off buying the LP, but been steady listening digitally... I will gladly throw you extra few bucks for the trouble!!! I know so many people ask for stuff like this, maybe just maybe this time it might actually work out?? (hopeful) OR even a cassette, id be stoked to snag one of those too! Fuck I keep missing all the good bands with the Tour pressings this year (DIIV, Ceremony, ect)
  4. Nice I've been holding off on buying few things, looks like waiting paid off!
  5. NEW: In case you missed it amongst the DJ Set excitement... Björk has announced a limited run of 500 Vulnicura Live albums will be made available exclusively through Rough Trade. Get your hands on the double CD/LP picture disc in clear gatefold wallet here: http://bit.ly/1MV3bme Looks like its only 500, and sadly a double pic disc, and omits the track, All Neon Like! However it says on Rough Trade its 1,000. My guess is One Little Indian gets 500 and RT gets 500...wish someone in the states would sell this so it won't be like $45
  6. Not with the LP (maybe they did the email download thing? not sure? but looks like you may be out of luck?) This may have been covered, but anyone know why the track listing is pretty strange, and not in the order of the Eps? My guess would be just for being able to fit songs on sides? (that would be a bummer) - or maybe it has some purpose? How he would want them to be heard? Anyway....anyone else get their cover with all smashed corners? My box was open at all the 4 corners, like it wasn't properly taped tightly, as a result looks like my spine and every corner is hit pretty bad!!! I don't know if I even want to try to deal with getting a new cover? Ya win some ya lose some, but at $45 may be worth the trouble? lastly, if anyone is interested in downloading a live set go here: http://redmp3.cc/album/117841/airiel-live-at-double-door-10-19-2004.html Live at Double Door 10.19.04
  7. anyone live near Bullmoose and want to grab me a copy? I own the original and repress of this album, I guess I MUST get a clear...was docking around and now have to track one down...without having to look through a bunch of pages, anyone know of a place to grab this (with somewhat good percentage of obtaining?) - Thanks in advance! (must keep my Sigur Ros collection complete)
  8. Look at the postcard, and you will see circle grooves, find the outer edge where the grooves start...Place the needle at that edge...if it doesnt move inward (mind took maybe 5 seconds before locking), pick up the needle and move it closer and closer until you hear something...Depending on your needle it can be difficult to get it to LOCK in the groove properly...keep trying..it most certainly plays just fine! Flexi's aren't as bad as lathe's thank god! Those can sometimes be impossible to find the groove.... My message, "Do you like Sports?" - (mines weak lol, compared to many others!)
  9. The EP falls flat for me...Not his best effort! Hope he doesnt waste a vinyl pressing on this! (not likely id think) but with how rare his pressings are these days in regard to what gets pressed...lets pray it doesnt!
  10. This album has a really laid back feel. Its almost lofi in away...I fucking love it! Its more like their earlier stuff in a way! IDK you gotta hear it for yourself but its defiantly a "different" album as they said! Not really like DC at all! Also is response to the Glitter LPs, I was lucky enough to get one of those Glow In The Dark - Bloom copies from my local store, as a giveaway...I would venture a guess it will be the same thing...stores that request a copy or order several copies of the album are more likely to get the Glitter (at leasts that what I was told with regard to bloom) - So maybe the person saying their shop was able to PO it, is kinda true! But I bet its supposed to be given away and not sold, which sounds like that won't be the case for that shop?
  11. I have a black 180g I will let go of, because I have huge medical bills to pay! PM me if your interested! (posted in sales thread as well) Sorry for the plug in a normal thread!
  12. Come on guys help a brother out!!!! I am very reasonable with pricing
  13. 1 Gone, still got the LP and 2 - 7s up for grabs!!!
  14. Yes per there Instagram there is a Tour only variant, with the mislabeled/misprints - looks to just be an alternate screen printed cover art as only difference? Yea they aren't coming to Michigan! I'll pay someone $20 to get me a copy, as I am letting go of my blue copy!!!