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  1. Also they just posted copies of An Open Door on CLEAR vinyl (first pressing) they found a box.... I snagged a copy since I've been meaning to find a copy, as its 2nd best work IMO... Hurry though, I believe they only have 1 left, as it is saying they dont have 2 in stock https://softkillsoftkill.bigcartel.com/product/an-open-door-first-pressing
  2. Agreed. Some of there previous albums suffer from a lack of diversity with tracks, and I find only wanting to listen to 3-4 songs before I feel like ive heard everything I am going to hear from an album. This new album suffers from this only slightly and feels overall more of a complete album experience. Not to mention some of there best songs appear to be on this album!!
  3. Not really a FF fan past the Colour and The Shape, but on browsing Target exclusives I came across a target pressing with Alternate embossed cover and band photo. if anyone cares - don’t see this being highly sought after but hey ya never know
  4. It’s been quite awhile that a release has impressed me. Got my deluxe gray today. It was so heavy I thought they accidentally shipped me two copies before opening. This is one of the highest quality jackets, booklets and all around production I’ve seen in awhile. No wonder it was $50 the marble grey also is very well done and looks more like a pour than a mashed up mixed. I haven’t listened yet, but if it sounds fantastic and I am assuming it will, this will go down as one of the years best physical releases
  5. My local store posted today having a copy or two, so those that have local stores near them may be worth a shot!
  6. https://store.coheedandcambria.com/good-apollo-i-m-burning-star-iv-volume-two-no-world-for-tomorrow-2lp.html UP This limited edition, Red & Cream Mix with Black Splatter color variant exclusive vinyl is comprised of 13 tracks including “The Running Free” and “Feathers” in addition to a Side D etching. Limited to 3,000 units
  7. Yea this is stupid, I just cancelled my JB store purchase and bought it on Matador - $30 versus $23.50 shipped - that’s not a small difference in my book.
  8. I like this album more than there last two. I dig there slower stuff just as much. on side note my orange copy is super noisey on side A last two songs and beginning of side B. I’ve cleaned it several times and still massive pops and static. Disappointed with the pressing, or at least my lemon copy
  9. Managed to grab a test and lime splatter - pretty happy about that, considering I often lose out on these
  10. This track is miles better than Ohms IMO! also little suprised the deluxe vinyl isnt sold out yet? Guess they pressed a very large amount.
  11. I’m gonna be that guy and complain about variants. Don’t get me wrong I love a few different options, but once it starts pushing 4+ I think it defeats the purpose in some ways. that being said, always a sucker for marble (also seems to be, at least for now the most limited)... until they release a pic disc, Xmas and god knows what else!
  12. A contender for (ambient) AOTY, no doubt... A collaboration between Thomas Meluch (Benoît Pioulard) and Kyle Dunn (Kyle Bobby Dunn), -PERILS self-titled 12" LP https://soundcloud.com/desire-path-recordings/perils-leveled#t=4:34 https://soundcloud.com/desire-path-recordings/perils-flaw Check out 2 tracks above, 1 with the ambient gusto you'd expect, the other with Benoit classic vocals...This is an album not to be missed. I am not sure of the pressing info on this, but I cant image its huge, so I'd make sure to grab a copy in the coming months...http://www.desirepathrecordings.com/re
  13. ^ Thanks man, I def will be asking the various stores in my area...I almost ALWAYS do special orders as I have like 5 stores within 30m of me, and most usually get what I ask for! Thanks for letting me know its not too late...
  14. PLEASE PLEASE! Someone grab an extra tour pressing...I knew I was holding off buying the LP, but been steady listening digitally... I will gladly throw you extra few bucks for the trouble!!! I know so many people ask for stuff like this, maybe just maybe this time it might actually work out?? (hopeful) OR even a cassette, id be stoked to snag one of those too! Fuck I keep missing all the good bands with the Tour pressings this year (DIIV, Ceremony, ect)

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