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  1. There are 134 on ebay right now.... many already sold today. Where there is money to be made people will flock....
  2. My local store had it for PO, with local pick up - so yea you are most likely correct....
  3. Woah this will sell out real quick...Had to snag a copy even though I own an original. One of my all time favorite albums (being a teenage classic for me)
  4. Oh man! Good looking out! Shipping to USA wasn’t much... snagged a splatter! Cheers
  5. Man, this band is good! Late to the party as I just found them. Anyone have a limited extra press hit me up! Don’t think there first LP is anything special, but this album is fantastic.
  6. Ironically just bought this on cassette because this has always been my favorite femmes release and thought well it will never be on vinyl, so tape is best I’ll get... then poof! grabbed a pink (even though I loathe UO, I feel it may be more limited than the indie exclusive?)
  7. I thought Glory was one of there best songs to date. The rest of the infinity 10” however wasn’t anything special. Single seems to be in the vein of Glory, so I am excited for this. Weirdly I’m usually hit or miss with there releases, loving some and disliking others ... My guess is a 2,000 initial press. With 1,000 pics and 500 in colored?
  8. Yea lol I realized after, “what the hell am I thinking” lol
  9. Snagged a pink. Weird the gold says exclusive and coming soon? these will likely be gone in an hour so don’t sleep . just like that the pink is gone
  10. I think everyone that wants a copy should remember a few things. Early on they said this was not just a one time pressing and would become more widely available. Look at how many punisher variants there are. Look at the demand and money they can make. Look at the fact she was just Grammy nominated. There will be many more opportunities to get this. of course I could be wrong but seems doubtful to say, “naw let’s not sell another 25,000 records in a week”
  11. Wow that was fast first two sold out... only 1 remains dang - guessing the lack of limit is somewhat responsible with many flippers buying a handful I assume?
  12. Well this is good news! Sounds like I’ve just received a few of the occasional bad pressings that happens with most pressings. There’s always an exception not the rule. now I’m excited!
  13. Ugh was hoping to not see the words Wargod. I don’t know about anyone else but the past two pressings I’ve got from this label have been garbage. Specifically Sponge - Rotting Piñata. But I will say they responded more than favorably when I noted all the issues and wishes to return it. anyone have good experience with pressings from this label?

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