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  1. The deluxe cream edition is sold out! I’m a little surprised, as I feel like other deluxe editions of theirs stuck around for quite awhile …
  2. Topographies - Ideal Form recently found and loving this! https://topographies.bandcamp.com/album/ideal-form All but one variant is sold out
  3. Wrong guy, I was one hinting at exactly what you are to the one with all the extras
  4. After few listens I’m not blown away. But I feel this one will develop and reveal itself with time (like most national albums and songs)… it feels pretty long too, but that can be a good thing!!!
  5. Didn’t sell out. The color came out different at the pressing plant. If you ordered the red, blue, yellow you will now receive the blue, violet, turquoise. Which is still for sale at the link above.
  6. There’s also a Spotify green and Newbury comics brown splatter
  7. The first release was stated on Instagram to be 2,500 but it was a leave up for 24hrs and press as many as it calls for. That one however had almost no warning or heads up like this one. My guess is at least 1,500 of each color. Then 250 each for autograph copies….so 3,500 total would not be a stretch for this big of a band to sell out in few hours…
  8. They have been sending codes via the email list- but looks like the last one expired 7/28 - I’m sure there won’t be any valid codes for this, intentionally 🤨
  9. Buzzard Orange vinyl limited to 100...hurry! https://shop.lunamusic.net/buzz-p/buzzardluna2021.htm
  10. My vinyl came with ring wear, large indent on front cover, and scratches all over the vinyl that cause noise...sooo join the club lol...had to provide photos and video, while see what happens...
  11. It was actually... Confirmed on Reddit, someone reached out to the label and got an email response. As well as a screen shot when it said limited to 80 copies. Probably has something to do with Justin Vernons numerology obsession?
  12. https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/bigredmachine?ffm=FFM_68489c22c0b2886a1e62d57f08ece27d Standard Black Opaque Red (indie exclusive) 3 way Color (store exclusive) Green Splatter (ltd to 80) Split Tri-color (secret society) Release Date: August 27, 2021 Record Label: Jagjaguwar / 37d03d Format + Color: Double LP - Red/Blue/Yellow Tracklist: Latter Days (feat. Anaïs Mitchell) Reese Phoenix (feat. Fleet Foxes and Anaïs Mitchell) Birch (feat. Taylor Swift) Renegade (feat. Taylor Swift) The Ghost of Cincinnati Hoping Then Mimi (feat. Ilsey) Easy to Sabotage (feat. Naeem) Hutch (feat. Sharon Van Etten, Lisa Hannigan and Shara Nova [My Brightest Diamond]) 8:22am (feat. La Force) Magnolia June’s a River (feat. Ben Howard and This Is The Kit) Brycie New Auburn (feat. Anaïs Mitchell)
  13. On Instagram they posted little info and that test presses have been reviewed … ONLY 2,500 of these! Wow this will be one of the more rare vinyl variants out there of SP as well a 2nd show to be announced on a month. Dang that’s fast and also guessing another $75 LP which is gonna get pricey for diehards
  14. Sorry my wording was poor. I signed up in December - meant recently with regard to not getting first two editions
  15. Wish he would Just press beneath the fireworks - it’s really his only really solid album IMO - or at least the only thing that tugs at nostalgia for me lol
  16. Do they send shipping notice? I recently signed up so this will be my first issue. Just curious if they just pop up or they email. Thanks in advance! Got shipping notice for Light Years book/LP today however…
  17. Thank you! Wasn’t on IG all day so I missed this… 139 still left as of now
  18. The OG blue variant was sadly pretty noisey, like most Captured Tracks releases....Doesnt have any issues like skips but be prepared for pops and cracks with the blue...
  19. Disappointing - a shorted version of the LP and on 7”s - gross if this LP was amazing maybe it would be slightly tempting…
  20. I think that was the last pressing before these two ones
  21. This album starts off so strong...then by the middle-end it just trails off....50% of this album is great!
  22. Sad to say this but they can get away with this ridiculous pricing. This will likely sell for $150-$200 in after market - unless a crap ton of people become aware of it in the next 10 hours... so if your on fence just pull the trigger... maybe the price will deter flippers? Since it would be a lot to cough up front for 6 months
  23. I may be wrong about this, but I am pretty sure MOV are always a different/new pressing. I’ve never seen someone say it’s the same pressing as an older one. Even when there within a year or two of each other, and I’ve looked/researched and listen to a lot of MOV releases.

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