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  1. So I'm moving to Canada and selling some rare(er) records of mine. Prices are shipped in the US and OBO. Any questions? Let me know, Most records are played once.
  2. Okay d00dz, I've updated my post. Didn't look at recent values. Really only want a Luke Cage on yellow
  3. If anyone wants to trade, I'd trade my Clue soundtrack for either of the following: Luke Cage on yellow
  4. No clue who that band is, but I'm a skateboarder so I'm very familiar with Pushead. His Zorlac art was fucking awesome. My tattooist and I have discussed doing some of his stuff. Anywho, that's rad as hell. Septic Death is Pushead's band...
  5. This is great! Thank you for sharing. Going to pick up the Pharoahs LP. Too bad shipping is $9 for a single LP...
  6. That clip is pretty meh. Wes' voice sounds weird, and the riffs sound recycled and not as good without Timbomb
  7. It was around the time of the release date, my local store had a copy that they received from Ghostly that they held a contest for and somehow I won it! It's in a blank sleeve, with no writing, and is signed on the label. Here's the photo I posted on discogs https://www.discogs.com/Tycho-Awake/release/7469464#images/19948096
  8. Anyone else have a test press of Awake? I won a signed test press from my local record store, but I'm not sure how many were even made!
  9. So I currently have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, with SpeedBox S, Acryl-it Platter, and Puck-It, going through a Marantz PM5004 through to Paradigm Atom series 7 speakers. I love the setup. BUT I just got my hands on a Technics SL220 for absolutely free. It needs a belt, but other than that should work absolutely fine. I know this might be a stupid question, but I'm wondering which one I should keep, because I plan to sell one. Are there drawbacks to either one? With the right cart, will the Technics sound as good as the Pro-Ject? I know it's going to come down to me listening to them both, but I'm wondering what the board thinks. Thanks!
  10. For sale are the posters seen below. I'm taking offers on all of them. The Death Threat/Shark Attack/American Nightmare posters are a set of 3 and will not be split.
  11. Not sure if there are any huge M&S fans on the board, but I've got this huge (about 10-15 feet tall) banner for sale from one of their Stopover shows in Portland Maine a few years back. I'm not sure the value, so I'm taking offers. If anyone knows any other forums to post this, please let me know. I am also willing to trade for copies of the early Mumford and Sons 10" eps.
  12. So, I've recently moved into an apartment with a terrible old flooring. I've got my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon on top of my Marantz PM5004 receiver, all on top of a dresser (not ideal, I know), it seems like every few steps I take, the needle will skip across the record a few grooves. Obviously this is terrible for both my records and my needle. Is there something I could do for vibration dampening on any part of my setup? Should I just get a wall mounted shelf? Could this be related to my counterweight at all? Thanks!
  13. So the cable that connects my Speedbox to my turntable had some shielding around the end connectors that just crumbled away after a few months. Is this a standard connection that I can buy at a Radio Shack? Is there somewhere else I could find a replacement cable other than going through the manufacturer? Thanks!
  14. Like the title says, I have an extra copy of the dracula cover version of this 7" and am looking for a copy of the wolfman cover. Straight trade. Not taking cash offers, sorry. Also looking for other mondo variants like Gravity, Looper, Jurassic Park, The Beyond, Maniac OG. (plus cash on those others) thanks!