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  1. Sorry about your Dad man. Yeah, this always hits hard, lost both my grandparents a few years ago. Its incredible to see all the things that get accumulated over a lifetime and none of it goes with you when you die. No one will value most of it, and its usually a burden on whoever has to deal with it. I talk about this with my wife a lot that older generations stockpile cash, most of it to live on until the end (which is responsible), then leave a lump sum to the kids when you pass. Problem is there is usually fighting within the family over the assets and possessions. I feel like a
  2. https://musicglue-wwwassets.global.ssl.fastly.net/glassjaw/GJ_RecordCase_Opening.webm spent entire budget on plexiglass, skimped on the hand model
  3. Damn, I seriously regret not buying one of these when they were $399
  4. That's good to hear, really only care about W&T and my copy is PVC outgassed to hell
  5. "they will only come all together as a three-piece vinyl set (not separately). The three-piece vinyl set will only be available to ticketbuyers" this fucking band
  6. Yup, I often dream about selling the entire collection and buying a boat, maybe naming it something vinyl related to make me laugh. But I never do
  7. I spent 2007-2010 aggressively buying all my grails. The past decade I've been averaging a record a month (sometimes less) which mostly consist of newer releases from the year. Things have been much less stressful after I had amassed everything that I really wanted, it's more enjoyable at this pace. Though I do occasionally slap myself thinking what if I spent the last decade buying bitcoin instead of records. Could probably have bought my entire collection 1000x over

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