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  1. AOTY for me as well. I've listened to this album through almost 30x and it has not gotten old. Haven't spun something this much since Kendrick Lamar DAMN. in 2017 'All I Can Say' is KILLER. The female vocals give me strong Sundays/Cocteau vibes and I can't get enough of it
  2. PO'd the /500 version. Should help to fund a cello player for 1/2 an hour
  3. Holy shit, I had ALL of these imported singles on CD at one point in my childhood. Very nostagic purchase. This is going to get expensive
  4. I imagine paying a 50pc orchestra is not cheap, POs will likely fund that to wrap up the sessions Very cool
  5. Have a 10yr Anniversary Gatefold Tour version of S&S /500 on green if anyone wants to do a straight up swap for the yellow. https://www.discogs.com/release/4086218-New-Found-Glory-Sticks-And-Stones DM me
  6. I watched this yesterday. It was kinda funny, felt like Fantano was laughing at him the whole time. Denzel was definitely going down some rabbit holes
  7. I will agree, I feel lyrically this is a step back for Denzel. 1st listen I enjoyed it, 2nd listen I was underwhelmed and 3rd listen its starting to grow on me again. Gonna give this one time. Took me 4-5 listens to really vibe on Unlocked and now I LOVE that record. Gonna keep spinning it
  8. Forgot this came out today. Real great so far. More chill for Denzel
  9. yeah name is definitely uncomfortable to say out loud... "Hey, what are you listening to these days" "Soccer Mommy..."
  10. bummer rom com 2004 isnt on there, love that track

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