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  1. I would look into the Wharfedale 12.1 & 12.2 in that range
  2. Bumping this, post your list folks!
  3. Hot take, I actually think Kintsugi was a good album. But yes, in general since 2008 they have not been the same
  4. 6/30/2014, if you had bought $100 worth of Bitcoin instead of this you would now have $9,126.04
  5. It must really be mentally exhausting to be in a never-ending pursuit of justice for all of the worlds injustices
  6. He said... she said, I wasn't there - don't care Wednesdays and Big Colors still slap, when do we get Chris?
  7. I like to collect DNA and mail off to 23andMe to see if any of their ancestors were racists or pedophiles personally Easy No point in arguing with 1312, that guy is a brick wall of grad-level knowledge and enlightenment.
  8. aha yes, we expect all our favorite musicians to be grown-up, mature, model citizens. Usually the most creative people are also the most fucked up people. Ego-mania and a strong disconnection from reality is usually what drives these types to perfection and pushing artistic boundaries also, if the phrase "500-plus year-old toxic Protestant legacy" is part of your argument, I highly doubt you've *grown the fuck up*
  9. This. The new social flogging is (imo) sometimes worse than any jail punishment someone could receive. Take it easy fellas. People really have strong opinions over events they were never present for nor have all the details for.
  10. Came here to agree with this one, the distortion and intensity has definitely been turned up to 11 on this one
  11. Sorry about your Dad man. Yeah, this always hits hard, lost both my grandparents a few years ago. Its incredible to see all the things that get accumulated over a lifetime and none of it goes with you when you die. No one will value most of it, and its usually a burden on whoever has to deal with it. I talk about this with my wife a lot that older generations stockpile cash, most of it to live on until the end (which is responsible), then leave a lump sum to the kids when you pass. Problem is there is usually fighting within the family over the assets and possessions. I feel like as I near the end I'd like to slowly give away my nest egg to the kids (10k per year) to avoid gift taxes and actually watch them enjoy it or experience it with them in some way via funding family vacations etc.
  12. https://musicglue-wwwassets.global.ssl.fastly.net/glassjaw/GJ_RecordCase_Opening.webm spent entire budget on plexiglass, skimped on the hand model

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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