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  1. Got mine in CA safe and sound. The album looks cool as hell, but I’ll probably never play it as it’s a real pain moving the pieces around and I feel like I’m going to scratch it when I’m handling it
  2. This was me. Refreshed for an hour or so until randomly one popped up. Just got a shipping confirmation. Stoked.
  3. Air, Deftones and the Penrose Records 12” are my must haves
  4. Kind of wanted Loveless, but after reading the last 3 pages, sounds like a pain. This is very on brand for MBV
  5. If pressing numbers are of this much concern to someone, high probability that they’re a flipper.
  6. Just preordered from 123Go. FOMO in full effect. I caved.
  7. Really enjoying Weirdo. I ordered a copy about 3 songs in. Anyone else give this a listen on their bandcamp today? Kind of annoying it’s not streaming anywhere
  8. Thank you for this. Just snagged a copy off of MD with a confirmation email. Hopefully it goes through. It wasn’t the one you posted, but I started randomly picking colors until one went in my cart. This was 5 minutes ago. Keep trying guys!
  9. That sucked. Struck out on 3 websites. If anyone feels like helping me out with a multiple copy they got hmu
  10. Why can’t they just press this normal? But echoing everyone in here, I’ll be trying my hardest to secure a copy. Definitely one of my favorite releases by them and the one I listen to the most at this point in my life.
  11. Test presses for the records are up on the bandcamp pages for band camp Friday also, received and email about these shipping this week
  12. Looking for Natalia Lafourcade albums on vinyl. Hasta La Raíz especially. If you know where I can find anything by her let me know. Thanks!
  13. That Cave In cover ruled hard . Ordered a red even though I hate 7”. Gotta support that great effort on everyone’s part.

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