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  1. Shipping notification received. A record actually getting released on a proper pre-order timeline is pretty great.
  2. These guys should have their own online course on how to market/sell the most vinyl variants for a single release. Really impressive when you think about it
  3. Never had a problem with MerchNow. SRC on the other hand... 🙄
  4. Marie Antoinette on pink (Barnes & Noble exclusive) is back up for pre-order (The Link was deactivated a couple of weeks ago) If anyone else was attempting to get one https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/marie-antoinette/11609395
  5. I’ve almost pulled the trigger on this one so many times. Glad I waited, this TRON release looks amazing. This will be my first experience with MONDO. Couldn’t have been a more prefect selection. Stoked to own this.
  6. The one with the ship? I have that one I’d be willing to let go, DM me edit: I was at one of the Anaheim shows Double edit: just realized you wanted the Beggars poster. I have a “Farewell” poster from the “Farewell” set of Anaheim shows.
  7. In for the Electric Blue w/ Grey & Neon Pink Twist
  8. On Purenoise Records. Proud of the boys! Love these dudes.
  9. Daptone Records is doing a 10.00 on all LP's from the label. Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, etc. Not sure how much longer the sale is https://shopdaptonerecords.com/collections/lps