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  1. Still loving this album. I can’t really pick a favorite. The whole thing is one piece. I’ll just put it on and before I know it, it’s done. Lots have bands have tried to have the Hum sound over the years. It’s awesome to hear them just tower above. It definitely puts me in a cloud city mood
  2. After the first listen I have zero regrets on the blind preorder. Legit had some goosebump moments on the first play through. The boys are definitely back in town
  3. Ordered with the quickness. About to listen. I’ve been waiting a long time for this!
  4. Glad I waited, that’s pretty awesome
  5. I went through and sampled the songs in the new tracklisting order, I am offically stoked now. It'll be nice to have some Open Hand vinyl. I doubt You and Me would be pressed seeing as how no other Trustkill bands have had any vinyl releases.
  6. No, they are holding that back until the physical release, but you will receive the files on release day, whenever that may be at this point.
  7. 300 opaque “Honey” colored on 150 gram. Remixed, resequenced & mastered. The track “Honey” w/ Matt Talbot is up for preview https://blacktoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/open-hand-honey-btr062
  8. Other People Records is running 50% off the entire store (excluding new Gleemer PO) code : oprspringcleaning just picked up both Tradewind releases for $26 shipped
  9. Virgin Suicides OST “The Ska” V/A - BMG wish that Specials dub release was more than 3 songs
  10. Ordered the /200. Your story spooked me into checking right away. Hopefully they get you sorted out.
  11. What are the odds of the release date being pushed back yet again?
  12. Got the package in today, was in no particular hurry to open it up until I read this. Immediately opened it up. It's the /200 Loving the record btw
  13. Got shipping notification on the /200 splatter. Can’t wait to play this loud.