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  1. sugareggs

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    I'll just wait and pick up a tour variant when they come through like I did with ToT
  2. sugareggs

    WTB The Cancer Conpiracy - The Audio Medium

    Sometimes a shot in the dark hits the mark. Copy came in today and it's awesome. Buy this dudes stuff if you have the chance.
  3. Snagged. Thanks for the heads up. Only 1 ignorance song, hoping for at least 2
  4. sugareggs

    WTB - Codeseven : The Rescue

    I saw that tour! The circa tour? They sounded great. Saw them with Dredg in Hollywood a long time ago also when the Rescue was released. I'm not holding my breath for a copy, but doesn't hurt to keep throwing the line out.
  5. sugareggs

    WTB - Codeseven : The Rescue

    yearly bump
  6. Recently found a copy of Omega on LP, would love to own the Audio Medium as well. Probably a long shot... Also looking for Codeseven - The Rescue Thanks!
  7. My yellow showed up today. Daylight is my jam, the whole record is really good. Billy, James and Jimmy have their work cut out for them to "out" 90s this release with the new Pumpkins record that they are working on.
  8. That "Dweeb" song is soooooo good. In for the Yellow. That Euro blue matches a lot better IMO though...
  9. Checked her out due to the Lawerence Arms / Red City Radio tour announcement, I'm really liking this album a lot. I'll probably pick one up from her when they come through. Fave song so far is Overbite.
  10. sugareggs

    PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    Bit the bullet on the autographed copy. 23.98 shipped. And they were AWESOME live last night. I really liked the new songs they played.