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  1. Amoeba will be a mad house. If you don’t get there the night before, good luck. I only go there now to get the RSD tshirts they live screen in the store. It’s just as much a tradition for me to grab a shirt at Amoeba on RSD as the records themselves. But they don’t set up until around noon so I’ve already been to other stores for my actual record shopping. It’s usually my last stop. I was thinking of trying the Glasshouse record store this year first. I’ve never been on a RSD.
  2. Ordered the Yellow. $32 shipped. I thought it was the best cover/vinyl color combo.
  3. First Downward is Heavenward, now this. There aren't many mountains left to climb.
  4. Appears to be the 180 gram price. Easy pass. Will probably pick up a poster if I like the design. Also, can anyone going check out swervedriver merch / prices?
  5. Will definitely be picking this up......during the black friday Xmas sale
  6. The Axolotls has landed in CA. Again, Beautiful job. Anyone else still waiting? I’d imagine he’s almost done by now...
  7. Still waiting in CA. Not worried about it. I think Matt even said it would take until most of Feb