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  1. This was my exact thought to, “so this is why record plants have been clogged up?!” Smh
  2. Wondering the same question about the mix, already have the colored boxset 🤔
  3. I was going to order a copy, but my girl beat me to the punch and already ordered the UO variant when I asked what copy I should get. It’s a certified banger record if she’s front running this on me, she is a casual vinyl buyer, unlike us degenerates on these boards, myself definitely included
  4. Much better than Interiors. Played it through twice in a row. The drumming has been taken up a notch, they sound like they’ve hit their stride .
  5. This being the original lineup was the major selling point for me. Their original sound has never really been duplicated that well, but as soon as I heard the first new track, it instantly had that “thing” that I guess only the 4 of these guys in a room together can yield. Can’t wait to spin this!
  6. Echoing sentiment, new song is great, but I won’t be hunting any variants, but I will keep my eye out for the retail version when it hits the streets.
  7. I was thinking about this also, was Dia de Los Deftones his last live performance?
  8. Sounds like the 3 album together bundle is a tour only option that you pick up at the show you attend ( ala: the white material control tour variant) and there will be separate versions (with alternate covers?) available through Brooklyn Vegan on their webstore, if I’m reading this right?
  9. There’s also a banner on the site with the 3 colors in circles with the line “have a great day in about a year from now” meaning a long pre order in our future
  10. Very excited for a live release. I know Gj live isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I appreciate the improv’s he does with the lyrics and the general chaos of the live guitars. If the bass and drums are solid sonically, this should be great
  11. Went with the Hard Times variant, I thought it went with the cover art the best. New songs sound great, can’t wait to hear the rest.

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