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  1. Can’t wait to hear Caught a Glimpse ripping up my living room loud af
  2. Finally. Grabbed a clear. White whale record.
  3. Alice In Chains - SAP Lagwagon - Hoss sold bump. Shoot me offers, prices are not in stone at all
  4. I forgot about the fact that the other pressing left off a segue from Magnified and was a single disc, hence, the higher price tag for the new edition
  5. I think it’s unfair to pin that on the band. They were just as much victims in that as everyone else. And judging by your hash tag you’re still upset about it and it did incredible damage to their reputation even though they were robbed of money along with everyone else. You make it sound like they took the money and ran off with it.
  6. I just need In The Future to be repressed, and the live FP album while you’re at it just for the completist in me
  7. $50 for fantastic is what I would expect, but $50 for the other 2, single disc? Geez.
  8. Same. I do plan on catching them live at some point so hopefully I can grab whatever pressing they bring with them
  9. The bootleg factory is going to be doing double shifts to keep up with demand
  10. They are in hand, should be shipping soon. Transmission is the pinnacle of strung out, for me. an album so good it ultimately broke up the band. They’ve talked about on podcast what at a struggle it was to record it and write it. The drummer would leave the band after the tour because of internal problems. Bad times equals great art. On the other hand, Songs of Armor drum tracks were recorded in one day and the whole album just seems uninspired and rushed, and I love this band, but the album just didn’t stand the test of time like Transmission did.
  11. I wonder if the popularity of the boots forced them into action