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  1. A Matt Talbot curated reissue if these albums is seriously awesome news. The DiH and Inlet disc easily rank in the top 5% of most amazing sounding presses in my collection. Take my money.
  2. Heavenward (ex singer) - Lathe cut 7” - limited to 25 https://feverltd.bigcartel.com/product/heavenward-hole-in-a-dream-7-lathe-picture-disc-vinyl edit: sold out in under 10 minutes
  3. This bump just reminded me that my copy has been sitting in a NJ USPS for almost 4 weeks now with no update
  4. I remember seeing this happen at Amoeba in LA. I scored a copy back then on these boards in a trade, but remember the price doubling on Siamese Dream in a matter of a month or two. One time it was $25, the next time it was like $45. No difference, just a new price. Someone for sure recognized that people would pay $25 per disc. Gish’s price never moved.
  5. I totally agree. Fuck Walmart. But everyone has to start somewhere. If someone new to vinyl picks up some titles from Walmart and then continues by searching out independent avenues, then it’s a win all around. If if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but I see no reason to deny other people easy access to getting into vinyl. More people = more demand = more records
  6. Not every town has a cool record store. Maybe this release is for the kid who picks it up in nowheresville USA and it changes his life. I also think its pointless to adhere DIY punk mentality to a band of Metallica’s level. You want to talk corporations, they ARE a corporation
  7. So I’m not seeing it being very limited or anything, where is the best price to pre order this? I like Ike the Teenager Robert Smith remix, probably unpopular opinion, but it’s a cool vibe. I think this LP will be something chill to put on Deftones related for people who might listen to them on the regular.
  8. In for this since I’m a super big fan, but echoing the sentiment in here, not really digging this 2nd single as much. I have faith that most of the record will hit though.
  9. My most listened to album of 2020. Very stoked to see the shipping notification in my email this morning. Cannot wait to play this at extremely loud volumes.

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