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  1. Any word on pressing numbers? Interested in this, but probably won’t be able to pick this up until sometime next month, but might already be gone by then.
  2. I’m only selling records in bitcoin from now 😂
  3. I received a shipping notice this morning about my color version from FAT. You’ll probably see something in a day or two
  4. All my 7” because I hate flipping records and my 45 rpm records because I’m lazy and hate taking the platter off of my rega to adjust the speed belt
  5. Hopefully this means that a large repressing of this is happening and we get a regular black and some different colors so it’s not a pain to find after Xmas
  6. Orange sold out. Only autographed copies of color variants available now.
  7. It’s the same pressing. He’s said that as long as there is demand, he’ll keep pressing copies so no one has to buy it second hand
  8. Ordered a blue, the price stings, but I love this band. I slept on ordering the last album and now it’s hard to find and expensive, didn’t want to repeat.
  9. I can finally snag Anthology for a fair price. Very cool to see the hydra head bands move on like Cave In signing with Relapse and now this.
  10. I’ve got the blue Pallas that I bought at Hot Topic back in the day for around $20. Think I’ll just stick with that one. That 7” is pretty cool though. Would love to hear a side by side with a Pallas press against this new pressing
  11. This was my exact thought to, “so this is why record plants have been clogged up?!” Smh

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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