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  1. Same, I remember it was like $6 bucks, also picked up Deftones SNW same day on sale. The good old Hot Topic clearance sales days. What a time.
  2. Just going to put a feeler out, I have a hot topic orange 2xlp everything, black W&T MOV and a white material control that I might let go off to get this new set. HMU
  3. I stand corrected! My bad. Never knew this existed, but now that I do know, I really want one, Coloring Book is my favorite GJ release and the live versions are far superior to the recorded versions. Would love to spin this on the table instead of watching on YouTube
  4. Nope, live at the Forum vinyl came in the 20+ years anniversaries collection they put out Discogs
  5. I wonder if this one will get a repress on account that it was on a major label (RCA) and might be tied up in red tape
  6. My favorite GJ release. Would LOVE just a regular pressing. The multi-ring one is a total novelty piece that is cool to show someone but a real pain to play
  7. Ordered a Magenta with the quickness. New song is so good. They have always been a favorite of mine. So happy they are back. Now, if we could only get a repress of the Rescue…
  8. I’ll have to admit, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be, there’s some bangers. The singles are definitely on the weak side, but overall, I’m impressed.
  9. Already own this via the boxset, but damn I need that album art shirt! Just ordered.
  10. Looks like Vinyl Me Please is reissuing this. It has a spot for you to sign up for the announcement. The mock up looks pretty sweet. Here

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