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  1. From the site: The vinyl contained in this bundle has an estimated ship date of November 25, 2019. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Vagrant Records debut, No Motiv has returned with a reissue of "And the Sadness Prevails..." Fully re-mixed by Roger Camero and mastered by Paul Miner, the album takes a breath of new life with a refined sense of energy and emotion. This LP has been pressed in a limited edition run of 300 copies on color vinyl (gold with black splatter), with special 20th anniversary edition "solid gold" lettering. Accompanying the 20th Anniversary Edition of "And the Sadness Prevails..." is an exclusive vinyl 7" containing re-recorded versions of two fan favorites, "Broken and Burned" and "Life Goes On." Founding member, Pat Pedraza, performs drums on the release. This vinyl 7" is only available along with the 20th Anniversary Edition of "And the Sadness Prevails..." LP Track Listing: Side A 1) Nostalgia 2) Sunday at 6PM 3) Stay 4) The Waiting Hurt 5) So What 6) Solemn Side B 1) Mid-Season Change 2) Somewhere 3) Tribute 4) Empty 5) Shells 7" Track Listing: Side A 1) Broken and Burned Side B 1) Life Goes On https://merchconnectioninc.com/collections/no-motiv/products/no-motiv-and-the-sadness-prevails-vinyl-lp-bonus-vinyl-7
  2. I wonder if they put the first guitar hit of Bury White back in unlike the SRC press
  3. They say great art is polarizing, you either love it to death or you go the other way and really hate it. Mediocrity is somewhere in the middle, the “whatever’s”. This album in particular seems to really bring that out. You either love this record, or you hate it, you rarely hear someone say IIB is just “okay”. As an artist, I would rather have people react to either extreme than just hear it and think it’s just “ok”
  4. Grabbed a Sea Blue. Far and away the most listenable F2F album for me personally. It’s aged very well and has no weak tracks for me. I feel they really swung for the fences on this one and came up with something pretty unique.
  5. Hell yes. Just got a sea blue. A white whale record for me
  6. Got a shipping notification and refund. This and the new Strung Out are on their way this week, gonna be a loud weekend
  7. I remember recording this onto VHS live. Brings back a lot of memories of figuring out songs by watching his fingers.
  8. Just got an email from KRM about switching the shipping over to media on my Peacock. Refund in 1-3 days. Everything seems to have worked out despite the rough start.
  9. Per the fan FB group: Its about a 5GB zip file. It includes the following: - 24bit/48k WAV files of Solaris (2014) and Shrine - Instrument isolated tracks for "Dark Speed", "Distorted Fields", "Heavy and Blind", "No One Left", and "Solar Eyes" - Fractal Audio AxeFX Presets - Photos from the tour - Live videos of "Another Space Song", "Pillowhead", and "Smoking Umbrellas" - The music videos for "Counterfeit Sky", "Dark Speed", and "Hot Traveler"
  10. Just got an email with a download link for Anna and an order # for the peacock
  11. Hold on the card though. The hobby will end me I swear