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  1. I remember recording this onto VHS live. Brings back a lot of memories of figuring out songs by watching his fingers.
  2. Just got an email from KRM about switching the shipping over to media on my Peacock. Refund in 1-3 days. Everything seems to have worked out despite the rough start.
  3. Per the fan FB group: Its about a 5GB zip file. It includes the following: - 24bit/48k WAV files of Solaris (2014) and Shrine - Instrument isolated tracks for "Dark Speed", "Distorted Fields", "Heavy and Blind", "No One Left", and "Solar Eyes" - Fractal Audio AxeFX Presets - Photos from the tour - Live videos of "Another Space Song", "Pillowhead", and "Smoking Umbrellas" - The music videos for "Counterfeit Sky", "Dark Speed", and "Hot Traveler"
  4. Just got an email with a download link for Anna and an order # for the peacock
  5. Hold on the card though. The hobby will end me I swear
  6. Was able to grab the only indie blue at my local store. Such a great album. That opening track is massive
  7. Dude. You could feel the hate coming off the screen last time.
  8. This. New song is awesome. I went with the blue. Excited to hear the rest
  9. I’ve got the red splatter beggars
  10. Grabbed that Strung Out. Wonder what the Fat color will be vs the Kingsroad varient they usually do.