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  1. Pre-ordered LP1 (yellow/blue 200 hopefully) with the quickness. Very much looking forward to this release. My favorite pop-punk guitar players.
  2. Already have Fantastic Planet, and I only want magnified. Hopefully they press a few outside of this box set. I’ll watch from the sidelines and see how this plays out
  3. Mine came in also. Sounds great. The only bummer was paying for a 7” I will literally never take out of its sleeve. Super stoked to have this though. The remaster sounds awesome.
  4. Actually pretty bummed. Chrome Neon and Dazed are amazing. He did sing Mary so they’ll probably be OK, but sparkle and fade was the real jam, I guess we’ll see.
  5. In for that green. FO is one of my favorite releases. Super stoked to own this finally
  6. Someone on here said getting screwed by SRC is a VC rite of passage. Welcome. You are one of us.
  7. Soooo tempting, But my red ORG sounds great and I like only flipping it over once