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  1. Has anyone gotten their orders from SRC? Still waiting on shipping notification for both ST and Iowa...
  2. Woops, was referring to moviemars which is where I somehow landed... ?
  3. Been burned by this power seller before, beware...
  4. Went back and ordered the yellow splatter... realized I never completed the Captcha at the bottom the first time. So close... Highlighter splatter looks dope tho.
  5. Looked as though I got the /135, but no email confirmation... anyone else get one?
  6. Decided to grab a baby blue along with my previous pink LP order. Emailed All In to see if they would combine shipping, and was told they were unable to... 🙄
  7. True. Fingers crossed Reaper puts out another couple thousand Nonstop Feeling’s sometime soon... loved this band since about then, just never picked up their vinyl.
  8. Snagged pink once I saw cloud sold out... anyone think we’ll see repressings of NSF and/or T&S hot on the heels of this release?
  9. For anyone on the fence with that price tag, it does include shipping in US...