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  1. it just sounds... weird. brian doesnt sound good. it sounds thin but also somehow like it was recorded under water.
  2. if anyone wants a pink copy for cost + shipping, dm me. forgot i preordered and its already en route to me but really not into this record at all, unfortunately.
  3. this record is a lot better than i expected. sink hole, return to the garden, circus circus, times fake, lord slug are all killer. sour also sounds like something that could have been on IAH.
  4. feels to me like most bands know this whole revolver vinyl + NFT thing is toxic and just pissing people off because the quality of the releases that arent underoath or maynard-related are just getting worse and worse. i mean, a fucking staind live 2xlp for $70? i almost feel second-hand embarrassment for some of the other well known musicians that have attached their names to this thing that can barely move 100 records even though its not their fault. its because the program itself is a fucking joke. people are only buying these underoath records because they think there's no other viable option (even though theyve been pressed before and are likely to be pressed again independent of these). the only other records actually selling in meaningful amounts are the puscifer LPs for obvious reasons and even those are slowing up sales-wise. i wouldnt have thought twice about picking up that bleeding through lp if it was released pretty much any other other way but i absolutely refuse to support anything associated with this. plus, the band has never said a single thing about it that im aware of which suggests to me they dont like it either. its a small sacrifice to make to not see these types of programs / prices become commonplace (if it does, thats the day i stop buying vinyl).
  5. if they truly started with 1000 of the red in inventory, these are moving a lot faster than i expected. 335 left. edit: saying this just because this record never really seemed to receive the type of praise that the releases that came before it did. funny how time changes peoples perception.
  6. do you want this to become the new normal for vinyl? because this take is how it becomes the new normal. im not arguing against the existence of NFTs (if someone wants to buy them, go for it) but im definitely arguing against having to buy a $62 record because its packaged with an NFT. the day that it would cost me over $300 to order 5 new records is the day i stop buying music entirely. a couple other points worth considering... 1. this is being done by revolver magazine, who has been around for about two decades, but its only in the last few years they have been pushing their way into selling records, merch, etc. and it looks like they only put out 4 issues a year now. dunno about you, but im not really interested in propping up a business that's in an industry that is slowly circling the drain by buying $62 records that would cost $25-30 (ill grant you, maybe $35) if literally anybody else had pressed it. 2. trustkill and revolver have cross-posted promoting this release but there's complete silence from the band themselves which tells me everything i need to know about how they feel about this release. not surprising considering their past with trustkill, but still a confirmation.
  7. individual releases would be nice for people who already own some of the albums. i admittedly didnt really care for the later albums when they first came out but ive come around to them over the years.
  8. i love how victory test presses were relegated to an old trunk. seems like the perfect summation of how the label actually felt about the music they claimed to care so much about.
  9. the change remix is definitely awful. i think a couple of the others are okay, but even with white pony being a top 10 record for me, im not very enthusiastic about any of it and will probably cancel my preorder.
  10. i agree about stage four. it might be their most well-crafted album (love a lot of the guitar parts), but it also just brings me down in a way that almost no other record does so i listen to it almost never. as a whole, lament is very hit or miss for me. "come heroine" and "savoring" are A+ though.
  11. in for the 2xlp + shirt bundle. wasnt much more with $3 off the shirt and free shipping over $50. album rules.
  12. Anyone here make this jump? Is it worth it?
  13. Brand new - science fiction 2xlp - clear / sealed - $18ppd SOLD - The world is a beautiful place... - Always foreign - sealed - $15ppd SOLD - At the drive in - interalia - 180g black vinyl w/ alternate cover - $13ppd The get up kids - simple science - pink - $14ppd All prices include media mail shipping. Will knock $2 off each additional record that you buy. I can usually ship within about 2 business days. usa/PayPal only please. Pm me if interested. Thanks!
  14. couldnt hurt. id buy fear if somebody else did it too. something just feels off about this whole thing though because that ETID - hot damn! repress sold out entirely and then creep put up a 2nd pressing which you can order now based on what i can tell. not only did those pressings go up for preorder well after the zao preorders but it looks like both of those pressings are all tentatively shipping in january. ill reserve full judgment till then, but like i said, if those releases go off without a hitch then id say tragic hero has a lot of questions to answer. for reference: http://creep-records-store.shoplightspeed.com/every-time-i-die-hot-damn-white-with-red-starburst.html " (P) & © 2003 & 2018 Atlantic Recording Corporation. Produced under license from Atlantic Recording Corporation. Manufactured by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved. Marketed by Creep Records. " ferret music as a whole was absorbed by warner music group, so this should be the same licensor that tragic hero claims is "the problem."
  15. at this point, the $30 is whatever but tragic hero is a fuckin' joke on all fronts and ill never order another record directly from them again (based on their active roster on their website, i think its safe to say that wont be a problem). ill be curious to see if the creep records repress of ETID - Hot Damn! goes off without a hitch because that was also a ferret release, and assuming that they don't have any problems, ill be inclined to believe that this is more to do with tragic hero being the joke i currently think they are rather than issues related to the licensor.
  16. i got my copy of the burbs 2xlp yesterday and it sounds amazing. easily one of my all time favorite movie scores.
  17. Yes, this record rules. Will probably be in my top 3 of the year.
  18. It should have been and probably was. However, whether those files were retained after all these years is clearly another question. Other people are seriously that stupid though. I see stuff all the time that looks like complete shit. To cite an example with a record:a few years ago, hot topic had a pressing of thrice - the artist in the ambulance that looked absolutely horrible. I mean, a million times worse than these do. You would think they wouldn't pass a project off to somebody who doesn't know what they're doing but it legitimately looks like they give these layout projects to interns who have little to no design experience. And even then, you would think they would proof the jackets before they start on the whole production run but they clearly don't. So, probably a pretty good sign that the files were lost or they pulled the wrong ones because they don't know any different. Just flat out sloppy work done by someone who is probably not a graphic designer (I'd hope not, anyway). It's cool that these records were done but yeah, the artwork is a letdown and probably a combination of inexperience and lack of original files on hand.
  19. as someone that does a lot of design work as part of his job, id like to believe that nobody could fuck these kind of things up but it happens. the artwork for the original pressing of toxicity looked fine if i recall correctly (dont own it anymore) so proper art files had to exist at some point. as for the rest of these pressings - all the other cover art is pixelated as well. that said, these records pretty much all came out in an era though when vinyl wasnt a thing most people cared about so the art may have also never been properly designed for an lp cover. hard to say what the standard was back then.

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