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  1. Thanks @marc32137 and @THE_James_Champ means a lot! I would love to press the full length once I'm done with it.. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to listen
  2. I've been debating doing this all week, I forgot how scary it is to share yourself with the world. I've been out of the game for a while, but I'm trying to make myself get back in. These are songs I recorded at home over the past few months and I figured what better day than my birthday to release an EP called "Growing Up." I have a bunch of download codes if you like it, pm me and I will shoot one your way. I only ask that you tell all your friends about it so that I can get rich and famous off of $4 downloads. Or if you feel like it's worth $4 that would be awesome too. I hope you like it.
  3. Thanks! It's pretty awesome. Sits nicely in the range between the bass and other guitars.
  4. Haha.. Sorry to keep you all waiting.. I knew I had PayPal protection and I really wanted the deal on the guitar so I played the bullshit back and forth game with their "customer service" bots.. It was super frustrating, but after a while it became almost comical. It came down to ups sending someone out to "collect the damaged item for inspection" (still couldn't make anyone understand that the guitar never arrived). I took a bunch of time stamped photos of the packaging and even a selfie with the ups guy and the packaging and got a pickup receipt. Another week goes by and I didn't hear anythi
  5. Good news! I got my guitar!! It's pretty awesome. I may never play a standard tuned electric again. I definitely won't ever shop Adorama again, and I'll do my best to avoid ups if I can help it, but damnit if this isn't a sweet little instrument.
  6. As far as a non standard answer, check out the 500 series version of the JHS colour box. One of my favorite guitar pedals I own and a really cool preamp in 500 series format.
  7. Yea, I sent them all those pics that I posted in the first post and a couple more. I think they finally get it. Adorama has opened a claim with UPS and with all of this happening over the weekend I'm trying to be as patient as I can. If I don't at least have some kind of reassurance though by tomorrow that they are handling this, I will take a direct line with UPS. The little contact I have had with Adorama so far doesn't inspire a ton of confidence.
  8. Other than a few frustrating back and forth emails with Adorama's customer service department, no real developments. The emails feel like those automatic form filled emails with just a few personal details thrown in so you know you're not totally dealing with a robot. They've asked like 3 different times for me to send a picture of the damaged item for the insurance claim...... I think I finally have them on the same page as far as realizing that I didn't actually receive a guitar, so that's something I suppose. I did check the front desk footage today and the ups guy didn't walk
  9. It's a Methodist church. Pretty vanilla as far as crazy denominations go. Just a lot of stuff going on. Like all the time.
  10. Haha thanks, its been a frustrating ordeal so far. Adorama's customer service department hasn't been very helpful. And I certainly don't mind explaining.. I guess it can sound crazy if you don't have a reason to know about this kind of thing. Much like other places of employment, there are big ones and small ones. The one I work at is a Methodist church, kind of a large church, but not crazy. We do have a receptionist (I think most churches have that) and we do have keycard access areas for a couple of reasons. The first is because of the preschool we have, they have s
  11. I mean, like I said, the lady who signed for it had no way of knowing that it was supposed to be a guitar and especially if it came in with a bunch of stuff that required signatures I guarantee the driver dropped it all of, said "sign here" and hurried on his way.
  12. I mean, we have a daycare, a preschool, a kitchen that feeds a bunch of people during the week, different groups that get together on most every day of the week, as well as a staff with different departments that all order stuff all the time. I would say UPS comes 2-3 times a day, FedEx once, USPS, and then any vendor shipments coming in (Maintenance supplies, kitchen supplies, school supplies, janitorial supplies, etc). It's a busy place.
  13. I am hoping that since it isn't an issue of the package going missing after delivery and is rather a very blatant theft before the item was delivered, the investigation won't be optional. There are touch points at every step along the way so somebody knows something and I hope they will be able to get to the bottom of this quickly.
  14. I certainly hope not, I work at a church haha. Although I concede there are certainly shitty people who work in churches too, but I feel like I know everyone who would have had access to the package well enough to know that none of them would have done it. We have keycard access to the production area where my office is for this very reason, trying to minimize the tendency for expensive equipment grow legs and walk off. The package weight was supposed to be 12lbs. She said it came like that, she would have remembered having to carry a 12lb package to my office. We do have securi
  15. Yea that seal was not broken at all. Package was cut straight in half and re-taped with clear packing tape. I'm guessing there was a similar seal on the other end of the box wherever that may be. It's probably not broken either. The young woman who works at the front desk signed for it, but I can't be mad at her, I'm guessing she's making close to minimum wage and she signs for about a million boxes a day. She said we've never had an incident like this before so I'm sure she's not being hyper vigilant with every box coming into the place. Edit: the question isn't whether or not so
  16. Right? Or at least box within a box that shit. With the markup on guitars, you can afford another cardboard box.
  17. Thanks, me too.. The company I bought the guitar from says UPS will take at least 10 business days to figure it out and then they will determine the best course of action from there.
  18. So... I just bought a baritone jazzmaster. I got it shipped to work and it showed up in myUPS as delivered on my day off so I wasn't there to sign for it, but I swung by anyway because I was excited. I walked into my office and sitting there is a fender box that has clearly been cut in half and re-taped, no guitar, but there was a mangled box of keurig k-cups shoved inside. I reached out to the company I bought it from and they are opening a claim with UPS. Have any of you ever been through something like this with UPS before? I don't really know what to do other than wait, but if anyone has a
  19. I might be interested. Give me the weekend to think on it.
  20. I just had a son on 11/19 and his name is Rowan. A friend got me a bottle of a bourbon called Rowan's Creek from KY. I had never heard of it before but it's fantastic stuff.
  21. If I had to say one thing it would be, focus on the composition. I agree with ^^ it doesn't ever really do anything. It feels like all of the elements of a house song are there, but just because they are supposed to be. The beat doesn't drive the melody it just sort of is there, and the melody doesn't serve the beat, and it isn't arythmic in an interesting way that subdivides or syncopates or anything, just feels like two different songs set on top of each other. And then the wobbles. They don't make sense, and they take away the identity of the song. Like it's not a dub step song. It cou

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