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  1. Ya'll done twisted Scruffy's arm. The red has a pearl shine to it that hits just right.
  2. My copy was just delivered in California. Good times Update: The shipping packaging is top notch and a new method I haven't seen before. The records came out beautifully!
  3. I'm still holding off ordering a copy in hopes that singed LPs show up at indie stores like the CD. I dare to dream in 2020.
  4. Call me when there's a Zeitgeist bootleg or even an official release. Same for Mars Volta. Though I would rather give MV my money than Billy. I'm sure he's doing fine with all that cafe money.
  5. Scruffy isn't buying your "I don't have time to check my email" if you had the time to write "I don't have time to check my email" here. mmhmm
  6. I was somehow fast enough to get a test press this time. Fingers crossed for some goodness.
  7. I'm currently love-adjacent with the hobby. I decided against getting this because I personally don't think it is worth the shelf space and the times I will actually feel like spinning it. Will I buy a copy down the line for $10 if it becomes widely available? Maybe.
  8. So bummed I missed this. I really wanted to pay $25ish for 13 minutes of alternate versions of songs I think are already pretty perfect. I would be even more bummed if I knew that the four songs were spread over both sides of the album. This way I could ensure that I would have to jump back up to flip the record over just as I was able to get comfortable. 2020 strikes again.
  9. I love sales like this to fill the holes in my collection. $100 worth of records closer to "completion."
  10. I would like to publicly retract my previous statement. I decided to give the album another listen which led to another and another and another... I am fully on board and cannot stop listening to it. It's great! You win this round, VC.
  11. I would love another solo album or even a collection of the music he does for his brother's films.

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