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  1. I did. You asked “what kind of deal” I could give you on a record I priced $20 cheaper than anywhere else, so I deleted your PM. Have a nice day.
  2. Out of town for a few days...nothing to see here for now.
  3. Pretty good little doc on the whole Batushka saga: And here is the new REAL Batushka album: https://sphieratz.bandcamp.com/releases
  4. I don't really buy 7"s anymore, but I'm a sucker for a couple releases. This being one of them. Huzzah!
  5. I played the first song for my students today, too. More than half of the 8th grade was on their end of the year field trip, so we had a Smash Brothers tournament in my class. Then I agreed to listen to a BTS song that one of my students has been asking me to do all year...as long as she listened to Acathexis. She said it sounded like static. I love it, but she's not entirely wrong. haha
  6. Not on Amazon(sorry-ish), but goes along with this deal and post - The Zombies Greatest Hits on eBay for $14.16 - https://www.ebay.com/p/Greatest-Hits-LP-Bonus-Track-by-The-Zombies-Vinyl-Apr-2017-2-Discs-Varèse-Sarabande-USA/234125098?iid=233214449485&opts=opick
  7. Both The Snake The Cross The Crown albums and the EP. And the Amelie soundtrack!
  8. I am loving the subscription!! Still kicking myself for missing the initial sign-up and missing out on the They're Inside test. I've been happy as hell since then though!
  9. So this is happening: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hatp/a-new-harry-and-the-potters-album
  10. I thought the new song wasn't terrible, but then I went back to listen to the first album again because it's been awhile. I get it now. Especially after listening to Drabikowski's new song!
  11. Rad! Sounds like this won't be the only Batushka album this year, seeing as that the two of them are fighting for the name and both moving forward with a new albums...should be interesting.
  12. I met both of them at a dinner for his book, Only Revolutions back when I worked for Borders. They both singed my copy of House of Leaves. Kinda neato. That is all.