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  1. Not on Amazon(sorry-ish), but goes along with this deal and post - The Zombies Greatest Hits on eBay for $14.16 - https://www.ebay.com/p/Greatest-Hits-LP-Bonus-Track-by-The-Zombies-Vinyl-Apr-2017-2-Discs-Varèse-Sarabande-USA/234125098?iid=233214449485&opts=opick
  2. Both The Snake The Cross The Crown albums and the EP. And the Amelie soundtrack!
  3. I am loving the subscription!! Still kicking myself for missing the initial sign-up and missing out on the They're Inside test. I've been happy as hell since then though!
  4. So this is happening: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hatp/a-new-harry-and-the-potters-album
  5. I thought the new song wasn't terrible, but then I went back to listen to the first album again because it's been awhile. I get it now. Especially after listening to Drabikowski's new song!
  6. Rad! Sounds like this won't be the only Batushka album this year, seeing as that the two of them are fighting for the name and both moving forward with a new albums...should be interesting.
  7. I met both of them at a dinner for his book, Only Revolutions back when I worked for Borders. They both singed my copy of House of Leaves. Kinda neato. That is all.
  8. I’m stupidly looking for the Jack White - Love Interruption 3” single for $20 or less. Any help would be met with a mixture of happiness and regret. I hate records. Thanks!
  9. Burn both of these posts from the internet before this becomes a reality.
  10. I had the splatter in my cart, but then I remembered I got a black copy of Purple from Amazon for around $7ppd. I can wait because I see the spine of the jacket more than the pretty splatter. Records are dumb, amiright?
  11. Looks like this will be going back up again tonight around 10est/7pst. It will be $130ppd this time. Good luck, y'all! https://garthbrooks.com/vinyl
  12. SHIPPING NOV 1, 2019. YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE CHARGED 30 DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING. Today marks the first time the Garth Brooks catalog will be available on vinyl. This career defining collection included 3 different boxed sets The Limited Edition, The Original Analog Edition & The Digitally Remixed/Remastered Edition. Each box features 5 hit albums including No Fences, The Chase, In Pieces, Fresh Horses & Triple Live plus the companion CD’s for a total of 7 vinyl albums & 7 CD’s. This boxset will be produced only once, it will take over 8 months to manufacture in over 4 different countries and each box will be hand packed. There will be a limited quantity of these boxes that are numbered, and fans that pre-order the entire collection can reserve a personalized number (i.e. a date that is special to them like an anniversary or birthday) that will be etched onto the side of each of the boxed sets. Only $100ppd for all three boxsets at: https://talkshop.live/stream/1780