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  1. Anyone have a non-pic disc copy of C.H.U.D you want to sell/trade?
  2. Maybe the last is regular old black...is that a variant these days?
  3. Rogue package update: I finally have my copy! Apparently it was delivered to a doorstep of a house where nobody lived, so a neighbor brought the package to the post office knowing it must be for someone else. I'm glad to have the records, but I'm more excited about the good samaritan who restored my faith in humanity a bit.
  4. Haha, nice job! I would have done the same had I been able to get ahold of anyone on Saturday to solve the mystery. I want to do the same today, but now that we're a couple days removed from the rogue delivery who really knows. And then there is the whole walking up to someone's house during a pandemic...ugh. The postal worker said she would talk to the driver and have her go back to that address to get the package, so I guess there is that. It looks like a few places still have the indie yellow available, so maybe I will order that. Maybe Matador can help me out as well because I
  5. Mine was marked as "left on the door step" on Saturday, but I was home all day and received nothing. I called USPS who said it was delivered to a different address across town and they will try to locate it... Here's hoping they find it because all those pretty ones are long gone. Bummer times.
  6. This. I listened to White for the first time a few days ago and now I can't t stop. I had no idea because I stopped after Make Believe.
  7. I just checked my spam folder and apparently got a confirmation for my MD copy...so maybe I have another in addition to St. Vitus and Revolver. I've made huge mistake
  8. I allegedly got one from Saint Vitus...and one from Revolver to be sure. Maybe I didn't get either?? This is fun
  9. Anyone want to trade your color Katamari Damacy for my steak tartare Hannibal? Let me know if so.

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