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  1. The Mars Volta is tearing us in twain! Can we all agree that simply collecting records in the first place makes us all a little wrong? Scruffy is free knowing what he does is basically useless.
  2. Mine was also beat up and loose to complete the hat trick. The color mixup doesn't really matter to me though.
  3. Scruffy would like to hear more about this spoon situation. mmhmm
  4. I might be into that depending on what is offered for the individual releases. I'll let you know.
  5. St. Vitus just shipped for me. The color they shipped is the same as the Revolver color, but I definitely ordered a different version in my order confirmation. This should become a fun waiting and guessing game...
  6. Well then, maybe I won't need my boxset that arrives on Saturday. ugh
  7. I want to cancel my Bullmoose order for the same reason but can't seem to pull the trigger. Clouds Hill would be fools to not release these individually. I know we've all gone around in circles about this, but it has to happen right? RIGHT!?!
  8. Perfect, thanks! Looks like my local shop just put up a preorder, too. Now I'm ready to *meedley meedley meedley meeeee - way up high on the tiny strings. *deep Homestar Runner cut, don't mind me.
  9. Not a bad song. Any word on an indie color or was that the magenta? I don't think I can bring myself to go for the $14 shipping for the yellow on their site.
  10. I just got a shipping email from MD. Apparently I paid with my credit card. All is well now
  11. I've seen the same on Instagram. They said represses are coming for Trick R Treat, TMNT 1, and few others I can't remember right now.
  12. Almost every other newer release has a "will ship on..." message somewhere, so I feel like it is shipping now. I went on at 8am to see the price of the box and let out a big, "NOPE" alone in my house when I saw the price. ha
  13. Still no shipping email for me. I have the Glassjaw order email confirmation, but upon further investigation I never got a PayPal confirmation email. So it goes.
  14. That must have just updated because I swear it still said March 2021 yesterday.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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