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  1. I totally get that. I can't even remember what Skeletons sounds like because I listened to 30 seconds of one song and promptly deleted it from my mind.
  2. I can't find any songs to preview, but I'll be satisfied if it sounds anything like "American Nightmare." Fingers crossed!
  3. Green and Pink up now: https://danzigsingselvis.bandcamp.com/album/danzig-sings-elvis
  4. The limited live album sounds great. I am so glad I got this, but I still don't understand why Fresh Horses is in there and not Ropin' the Wind. C'mon, Garth!
  5. I don't have one for you, but did Mondo offer replacements for the poppy ones? Did I miss that completely and am now doomed to multiple lives of pops?
  6. And the winner is...randomfortunepa. There were a lot of gasps and awws from my wife as she looked through the entries. Her reasoning for the winner was, "I love black cats and I love Halloween." So there's that. Thanks for everyone who joined! Full disclosure, the shit that went down when I was going to give this 7" away initially was that one of our cats was diagnosed with cancer and was gone within a month. It was one of the hardest things I've had to go through, so sharing all these cat pictures was a great tribute. Hug your babies close!
  7. I still remember holding a copy of STS when it came out and thinking, "who still buys records?" I then proceeded to buy a copy of the CD. Little dummy.
  8. I guess you technically could, but do you really want to be THAT guy? It's like this time my parents took me for ice cream. I kept pushing for sprinkles and fudge and whip cream and Oreo crumbles and cherries and they got frustrated and told me that now I get nothing because I was greedy.
  9. Upon reflection, I have decided to open this up to anyone who has at least more than a handful of posts. We all have to start somewhere in a community, so who am I to crush the dreams of a newbie? Also, feel free to post more than just one "entry" cat picture. More cat pictures are a simple way to soften the crushing world around us. Here at the Better Oblivion Community Center we heal your woes with meows. Plus my wife is excited to see as many cats as possible!
  10. I have a copy of the 7" that I am going to give away! Long story short, I picked up an extra at my show with the intention of doing this right after, but then some shit happened in my life and I forgot all about it. I found the extra last weekend, so now the time has come. Here are the rules: All you have to do is post a picture of a cat, or cats, in this thread from now until Sunday. I will then have my wife choose the picture that she likes the most. That will be the winner. I will pay for shipping anywhere in the US. International winner pays actual shipping. That's it...good luck!