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  1. Spring cleaning today and rediscovered that I got a copy of Halo: Infinite during the last test press blitz. Anyone have an extra copy of any Katamari Damacy variant you would like to trade? **And yes, I see how much $KD is going for these days. Yes, I understand this a long shot and lopsided trade. However, he barter system is the great equalizer. Topple capitalism by trading for the things you want. Or don't... Scruffy couldn't care less...mmhhmm
  2. Finally received my special Darkthrone - Blaze... in California. It seems like an a relic at this point. I got #600/666. I guess that's cool...is it? Sure. Edit: Blaze in California sounds like the yacht rock cover of this album. Just picture Fenriz in a white turtleneck, navy blazer, and a captain's hat. You're welcome
  3. In line for merch, records are “limited” to five per person and there is like 1000 people in line. And it just started raining. This should be fun…
  4. The Rough Trade set is 30% off this weekend: https://www.roughtrade.com/us/product/jack-white/fear-of-the-dawn-entering-heaven-alive-and-live-from-marshall-st-2
  5. The new song makes me question my tickets the LA show. And now you want me to preorder $40 single LP. You have gone a step too far, good sirs.
  6. In case someone still wants this out there: https://drstrange.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2678081&search=sing+sorrow I wish you the best.
  7. I think it's like a regular old box. Open and close. Like their Lagwagon and Strung Out sets. If it's a slide in and out, then I can only assume it will be like the Face to Face set which was quite flimsy.
  8. Haha, I think I'm good. I went to the internet to complain without wanting a real solution. You know, the usual.
  9. I got a Mondo exclusive, but gas prices are calling me dumb for spending $50 on this. Such is life.
  10. I still regret passing on a $20 used copy of Year of the Black Rainbow at Amoeba years back. "They'll repress it for an album tour," I said. Shenanigans
  11. Anyone hear anything about what they might have on the tour that starts next week?
  12. Anyone in Nashville or Detroit willing to help me with the new Jack White tri available tomorrow? Though not in the same musical vein, I can help out with future Fat record store releases. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?
  13. I heard MYSTERY on the Olympics the other night during the women's big air ski event. It was neato
  14. Anyone have any working rarewaves discount codes? Scruffy would appreciate...mmhhmm
  15. Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee indie exclusive clear/yellow and black back up in the shop: http://japanesebreakfast.rocks/shop

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