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  1. First time pressed on vinyl will do that Moneen have a lot of fans, me included!
  2. Scored the Exlusives. Wonder if anyone here got lucky on those test presses? On at 9:01 for me and they were all sold out (not suprised)
  3. I'm glad I gave up on collecting all the AOF variants. These new /100 editions and clear/heavy GITD would drive me crazy
  4. Fuck Victory Records. Fuck Tony Brummel That is all.
  5. So many damn fortress pressings now. Cobraside Black Grey Swirl Purple Swirl (many ranges of colour) Yellow Clear Purple Clear Navy Blue Swirl Undergroud Operations Gatefold Clear Purple Clear Clear Green (coke bottle) *There also seems to be transition presses that blend between Coke Bottle Clear Green and Clear Self Released Round 1 Green ( /300 180 Gram) Clear with blue, green, and black splatter (Repress, 180 Gram) Self Released Round 2 10 Year VIP tour edition 10 Year boxset edition
  6. I can't get the top level page to load for the life of me, but that product link worked and checked out. Cheers!
  7. Glad they added more stock on this one. I was going to go and buy a VIP concert ticket just to secure one if they did not!
  8. I'm just glad the site did not crash. (Bad memories of staying up until 4am trying to buy the Alexisonfire Boxset a few Christmases ago)
  9. Well, it at least it was 30 more than the OC/YC screen print cover ;/
  10. Hey man! Sent you a PM about some PTH records!

  11. That's an amazing poster. I wonder if we can buy a non-signed regualar version anywhere