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  1. I got shipping confirmation from my Elusive Disc order of Mellon Collie, surprised it actually shipped out. Since this is getting a repress, I would expect more sites to start putting copies up.
  2. I didn't receive last month's release until Monday of this week. I'm expecting a few more weeks unfortunately. If I'm wrong then at least I'll be surprised.
  3. Got mine in from SRC, one green LP and one orange. The green is fairly dark, thought it was just black vinyl at first. Then I spotted the orange. 🔥
  4. Personally, I keep a spreadsheet of all my records and record as much info on each record as I can when I purchase it. Sometimes the details are lost once the item page gets taken down, not everything makes its way onto discogs and then if the info made its way onto a forum there might be 30 pages to comb through. With that said, you literally just wrote a 5+ paragraph essay complaining about a super basic question that gets asked about every record. Not to be condescending, but are you okay?
  5. The special collector's edition CD had a bonus disc with 4 additional tracks, that's where those originally came from. Tracklist 1. Young and Aspiring (03:05) 2. A Boy Brushed Red… Living in Black and White (04:28) 3. The Impact of Reason (03:24) 4. Reinventing Your Exit (04:23) 5. The Blue Note (00:51) 6. It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door (03:59) 7. Down, Set, Go (03:44) 8. I Don’t Feel Very Receptive Today (03:42) 9. I’m Content With Losing (03:55) 10. Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape (04:21) Special Edition Bonus Tracks 11. I
  6. Just picked up all 3, free shipping to the US. EDIT: To clarify, the band is performing these albums in their entirety through a concert via their website. That's where the whole live recordings thing is coming into play. They clarify on the website that the vinyl will be original recordings.
  7. Regarding the Secretly Society variant, between the statement from their FAQ and their e-mail update, it almost seems like people can sign up between now and the first week of August and still receive it.
  8. Since it's been almost a year...wonder if we'll see it get released on the 6th year anniversary?
  9. Looks like Suicide Season will be a single LP and There Is A Hell will be a double LP. Suicide Season: http://www.amazon.com/Suicide-Season-Bring-Me-Horizon/dp/B017WXJ5FS/ http://www.newonvinyl.com/en/bring-me-the-horizon-suicide-season.html?mc_cid=80ac26020d&mc_eid=0cfe4632b6 There Is A Hell...: http://www.amazon.com/There-Hell-Believe-Ive-Seen/dp/B017WXJ59O/ http://www.newonvinyl.com/en/bring-me-the-horizon-there-is-a-hell-believe-me-iv.html?mc_cid=80ac26020d&mc_eid=0cfe4632b6
  10. Amazon.com: $29.98 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012HOEOPS/ "This title will be released on October 9, 2015."
  11. I think this album sounds pretty good, just doesn't sound like BMTH at all. Will definitely be in rotation though.

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