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  1. If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything.
  2. Aww, poor guy has nothing real to add to the conversation so he just relies on insults to comfort himself from his own exposed hypocrisy... Sounds like something MAGAt would do.
  3. 8 Billionaires own over 90% of American media and you think you're being told a 'proper narrative'? 😂😂😂 Why do you think they've been busy buying up all the media outlets across the country ever since Bill Clinton signed the 1998 Telecommunications Act that paved the way for these media consolidation efforts? Figure it out...
  4. I know, it's definitely not comfortable nor convenient when you get schooled by someone who actually doesn't allow themselves to get gaslit into believing loads and loads of Billionaire Influenced State Department Propaganda
  5. No, Leftists don't watch CNN all day. Actual leftists don't watch that right wing Brainwash Corporatist programming at all. Liberals watch CNN all day, there's a difference considering Liberals are not on the left side of the Political Spectrum. Maybe 40 years ago, but that ended when Clinton decided to turn the Democratic Party into a 2nd Republican Party. Now they just Gaslight their cultist followers into believing they're still a 'Party of The People'.
  6. I'm a Socialist at worst, Communist at best. Way more left wing than you'll ever be considering Liberals and their Corporatist Democrats are firmly planted on the right side of the Political Spectrum these days.
  7. This has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. This about Liberal hypocrisy being exposed with their support and vote of a Rapist in Joe Biden. It's not an either/or thing. Y'all did it and it ruined your lil Me Too Movement.
  8. How many of y'all tuned into CNN everyday to watch Liberal hero Andrew Cuomo speak on the pandemic? Rut roh, Me Too'd https://people.com/politics/andrew-cuomo-accused-of-sexual-harassment-by-former-aide/?amp=true
  9. That too. There's no problem with what she's doing in that regard. If we had politicians raising money this way from small donations of working class people aka the 99% instead of taking it from rich people and corporations aka the 1%, we wouldn't be in this current late stage capitalistic disaster we're currently living in.
  10. Wednesdays doesn't let up at all after the 2nd song.
  11. Yes and this is your classic well written, well performed old school Ryan Adams record.
  12. I was gonna say, if you're a free market Capitalist like a Libertarian is, you're not really on the left side of the Political Spectrum. Depending on how radical your social views are you could still be closer to a moderate than most current Blue MAGA run-of-the-mill Liberals, however.
  13. You're in agreement with me that the behavior is bad and I would hope the people who are telling me that this behavior is bad also didn't literally enable a rapist to become the leader of our country with their support through vote.
  14. Should I be the one sending out the tissue paper gifs and telling people to go on Twitter instead? 🤪
  15. Well yeah publicly but not where it matters with policy, 3/4 of Democrats are actually Republicans with a pretend D next to their names like Cuomo, Manchen, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, etc... anyways so it's a real low bar
  16. If you're not a fan, fine. How often you see me go into other band's threads just to crap on something I don't like? It's just trolling at this point.
  17. I believe you have to actually represent your consituents and not continue to Gaslight your constituents on Twitter as to why you continuously bend the knee to Pelosi.
  18. Corporate Media outlets have been creating division in this country because they know the only way they can protect their Corporatist agendas that screw over the 99% is to divide thus conquer.
  19. I think 'insecure' is the wrong word to use in this situation. Imagine being a fan of an artist and having to sift through a ton of crap from high horse hypocrites that has nothing to do with the actual art all the time and understanding this garbage is never going to go away. Annoyed is a better term.
  20. I'm not an AOC fan as I have seen enough evidence recently that she's growing into nothing more than a sheepdog for the Democratic Party BUT she doesn't take Corporate $$$ so the way she raises campaign funds is selling overprice merch and I personally don't have any problem with that whatsoever.
  21. It's not a weird take. That's how the Me Too Movement has operated cancelling people without evidence is very similar to what happened during the Salem Witch Hunts (albeit with worse consequences) and literally every claim that came outta the whole Russiagate Disinformation Propaganda campaign has been discredited over time.
  22. Cool, so basically Ryan is innocent then because the FBI didn't arrest him. I know that's not how this movement has been operating though...
  23. Libertarian Left huh? Interesting. You mind explaining your core beliefs? I'm just genuinely curious, that's all and yeah I agree with pretty much everything you said.
  24. The Me Too Liberals say they want to remove sex offender males from power but literally supported (with their vote) a sex offender male into the position of the greatest power this country has.
  25. I have said numerous times that Ryan Adams is a troubled human being, is in need of psychological help and if he committed a crime, deserves prison time. I can separate the art from the person.