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  1. Just got mine in(st.V) Red yellow green is the title on the order, which would be match the picture if you start from the center, but what I got was reversed.
  2. You decide, Got tracking movement from USPS that matches the time I posted! At least now I have a delivery date!🤣
  3. I noticed in this Noble Records unboxing there is a 4/20 date on the side of his box.
  4. What if FtM is an Easter Egg and we are spoiling the surprise, I can’t imagine something wacko not being in the box.
  5. Variants perhaps if they offer the albums individually. Just remember what was said around the MOV time and what happened...
  6. ....or it’s like the MyBloodyValentine represses and they’re gone in a flash and don’t come back.
  7. That’s my order exactly from st. Victus. Red center , orange middle green outer, did each outlet get it’s own run? Saw them on the Coloring book tour in Omaha,NE. One of the best shows for energy I’ve ever seen.
  8. Did anyone end up getting the Amazon order filled? I cancelled mine and found an RSD copy on discogs for list before prices got crazy.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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