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  1. Limited 1 is sold out, only a few of limited 2 remain!
  2. Inserts have arrived, putting orders together now. Order some more and keep me busy the whole weekend! Only a handful of limited copies remain!
  3. http://www.recessionrecords.net is the site, products will load at NOON EST tomorrow. Also if you have a 16oh, animal style, or hellfish account you'll use that information. If not, then go here: http://www.recessionrecords.net/rr/Products.aspx I had a chance to look at the vinyl when I got home and it looks gorgeous. I hope you'll be as pleased as I am with the final product. The three less limited colors will be Black, White, and Clear which you can order individually or in the second package deal. 10 of each of the limited versions will also be up by themselves, or you can order everything in the package. That's it for now!
  4. UPDATE Vinyl is in, inserts are due here Thursday. Barring any complications these should be going up at NOON TOMORROW. In addition to the 15 package deals containing all 5 colors, 50 package deals containing the less limited 3 colors will be available. Ill post a link when I get the site set up. Thanks!
  5. it's coming to robo empire and translation loss stateside, i am glad i waited.
  6. I've got the troubled stateside on purple.
  7. jbrns7

    Sell me your CIS records

    I've got troubled stateside on purple and two colors of the love 7" if you're interested.
  8. jbrns7

    want: hella, genghis tron, hopesfall...

    i've got cloak of love, whats your offer?
  9. jbrns7

    I'm Sorry I'm Leaving - pink fs/ft

    check my list sir
  10. jbrns7

    records f/s.......hit me up.

    i pm'd ya a couple hours ago.