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  1. Be sure to swipe from back to front if you are going to use a stylus brush.
  2. Bullshit! But yeah, Kid A on 2x 45lp would be the shit.
  3. I spent a couple hours adjusting my Dynavector 10x5 on my Scout yesterday and today. Mostly, trying to get the VTA set just right. If you have a Vpi and ever thought about getting a Soundsmith counterintuitive weight, do it. It makes adjusting tracking force and VTA a breeze. After all was said and done, I figured I would spin a record I know very well Sigur Ros's Ágætis byrjun. Holy Shit! I was hearing things I had never heard before and had goose bumps most of the record. Staralfur sounded just amazing. My wife even commented on when the guitar was playing that it sounded as if they were in our living room. With only about 15 hours on the cart, it continues to soften and get more dynamic. The 10x5 is an amazing value for the money. My Dynavector p75 mkII is supposed to arrive tomorrow, very curious how it will change the sound versus the built-in MM phono stage in my Nikko 9095.
  4. The Die Hard edition of mind control was over nighted to me from England to Hawaii. About 14 hours to my door. Still blows my mind. Sucks I have to pass on this for now.
  5. I wish I had a dealer closer, just for this reason. Really the only reason I chose the 10x5 because I wasn't able to demo any other brands and the dynavector is highly regarded. In the end it worked out, well so far. But, if I was dropping any more money I would have waited till I could do a proper demo. In the end it's whatever sounds better to you.
  6. Got the new cart mounted today. Definitely more detailed, even without any break in.
  7. Absolutely. New records still have the mold release solution along with dust and debris from the pressing plant. I clean both new and old records before they hit my turntable. I have a Vpi 16.5 and can say 100% it's worth the cost. You probably won't find a better deal either.
  8. I heard from a couple people that it wasnt that good of a pressing... Glad you got a good one. I'll have to check it out.
  9. Haha, nope one of my favorites. I was talking about the 2009 reissue. Terrible popping and clicking through out the first disk. But I did buy it second hand, so who knows.
  10. Hopefully it's better than the last one. Still gonna order it. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Thanks Shaizada! At the moment I think I'm just going to stick with ordering a 10x5 from another retailer. I have heard many great things about matching my phono stage the P75 mk2 with dynavector cartridges. I want my first upgrades to be a solid baseline, a known good if you will. That way when I start playing with different cartridges and phono stages I have a quality combo to base them off of. My current cartridge the ortofon red gets lost and seems jumbled with complex music. I never really noticed it before. I guess my ears are learning, haha. Definitely, time for an upgrade! Thanks again for your feedback.

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