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  1. Knocked off some white whale pieces recently so here's an update: (Left to right) Garnet Session Man w/ reverb and solo channel (they call this the Canadian Fender Twin. Great cleans, more grit if needed) Avatar 212 cab w/ V30 speakers Gibson Marauder w/ Lollar humbucker Traynor YBA-1 head Marshall 412 w/ celestion black back speakers (best sounding cab I've ever played) 1977 Marshall JMP 100w lead Marshall 810 guitar cab Univox LP double cut w/ Pickup wizard P90 Vox AC30 limited edition w/alnico blue speakers Custom made 212 cab w/ greenbacks Might sell the Garnet. I got it for so cheap because it was broken and made the easy fix. Little too clean for me, plus since getting the Marshall its been the tone I've been chasing for years.
  2. Damn, didn't pay attention to the time shuffling a bit. No roasting me in the chat, I'll be auto drafting so it isn't my fault
  3. Favourites: Caroline Rose - Loner The Sidekicks - Happiness Hours Culture Abuse - Bay Dream Imperial Triumphant - VIle Luxury I'll be that guy but goddam is that new Hop Along record ever a let down. They're one of my favourite bands but this one just does not land at all for me
  4. Keepers we have to send to you Ian? I assume don't just set them in the league because it doesn't know all our rules?
  5. saturday im at a wedding, could only do early daytime eastern time here which probably doesn't work with the west coasters
  6. Also vote big time to get rid of PIMs. Im fine with the adds as well. My other league does 15 adds for the entire season to put more emphasis on the draft
  7. Looking for the record store day version of The Nationals boxer live LP. I’m in Canada, name your price, I want this thing. Email is the best way to get in touch: [email protected]
  8. any of y'all ever been stung by the jerk off ghost in the shower?
  9. All prices include shipping to anywhere in North America and are in USD$. Hit me up for deals on multiples. Open to offers on anything and take less for multiples obviously as they can ship together: [email protected] Iron Chic – The Constant One (/100 pink with test press labels) $40 Brand New – Science Fiction (still sealed) $25 Desaparecidos – Payola (opaque red) $25 Pianos Become the Teeth – The Lack Long After $15 Pianos Become the Teeth – Old Pride (maroon/gold 4th press /330) $15 Pianos Become the Teeth – Keep You $15 Restorations – LP2 (white) $15 Crusades – The Sun is Down… $15 Crusades – Perhaps you Deliver This… (1st press Translucent dark blue) $15 Crusades – Perhaps you Deliver This… (1st press light blue) $15 Crusades – Perhaps you Deliver This… (1st press pink /130) $15 Deafheaven – Demo $15 Deafheaven – Roads to Judah (3rd press cream w/black splatter) $15 Deafheaven – Sunbather (1st press red and gold) $20 Titus Andronicus – The Most Lamentable Tragedy (3xLP) $30 Titus Andronicus – Local Business $15 Titus Andronicus – Local Business (red Record Store Day version) $20 Give up the Ghost – Year One (black/red split) $15 Give up the Ghost – Year One $15 Give up the Ghost – Background Music (3rd press clear black mix /340) $15 Give up the Ghost – Background Music $15 Ice Age – Plowing into the Field of Love $15 Pity Sex – Feast of Love $15 The Ergs – Jersey’s Best Prancers $15 The Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile $15 The Good Life – Everybody’s Coming Down (sealed) $15 Japandroids – Celebration Rock $15 Oathbreaker – Eros Anteros $15 Oathbreaker – Maelstrom $15 Alvvays – S/T $15 Hostage Calm – Please Remain Calm $15 Captain, We’re Sinking – The Future is Cancelled $15 Radical Attack – Priority $15 Shorebirds – It’s Gonna Get Ugly $15 Dikembe – Mediumship $15 The Tower and the Fool – How Long $15 Off with their Heads – In Desolation $15 Coping – Nope $15 The Copyrights/Methadones split $15 The Copyrights – We Didn’t Come Here to Die (picture disc) $15 JOYCE MANOR: Self Titled (entire lot for $75) *Note which label the pressing came out on* $25 - Self Titled (1st press orange /500 6131 records) $25 - Self Titled (2nd press coke bottle clear /800 6131 records) $25 - Self Titled (3rd press black /750 6131 records) $25 - Self Titled (4th press clear green /1000 asian man records) $25 - Self Titled (2nd press white one sided w/ etching /1000 asian man records) Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (Entire lot for $175) 10" UK Big Scary Monsters release, all 1st pressings: $20 - Black /200 $20 - Clear /150 $20 - Pink w/ white splatter /150 **Buy all 3 for $50** 12" Asian Man Records $35 1st press pink /150 $30 1st press red /300 $25 - 1st press white /500 $25 - 1st press blue /500 $25 - 1st press black /500 $25 - 3rd press gold /500 $20 - 5th press random colour /1100 *Buy all for $120*