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  1. Glad to hear you're back on your feet. I got divorced last year too and also have an extra 8 copies of this. Brother?
  2. Hi there,


    Just throwing an offer of $80 out there if you don't get any bites.

    I know you just posted this so no rush on replying to him and I hope you get your full asking price.

    Have a great day!

  3. Great Apes - Playland at the Beach (Asian Man) - purple swirl - $5 New Bruises - Transmit! Transmit! - splatter - $5 SFH (Star Fucking Hipsters) - From the Dumpster - Black - new - $5 Shores - Coup De Grace - Fest 9 Press #1 of 70 - $15 Strung Out - Prototypes and Painkillers - Black - new - $5 Whiskey & Co - Rust Colors - Fest Press #46 of 100 - $20 Cassettes $3 Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power Pearl Jam - Ten Public Enemy - Apocalypse '91 Shipping is $3
  4. Hey Jeff,

    I dug up this old post of yours on the VC, I don't suppose you still have of these titles for sale?

    Looking for that Riverdales Tarantula and some others




  5. Do Amrep shirts ever go up for sale? I see some bootlegs on Ebay, but what am I, some kinda asshole?
  6. Did everyones copy have a pinhole through the jacket?
  7. "Hey Fat Mike, we got a new record coming out, it's gonna be real hot! You in?" .... "You there? Hello? It's us, Bracket"
  8. Is this included in the Vinyl Collective membership?
  9. Bought both. Mike Wiebe is the perfect frontman. Such a great live band!
  10. Great band, great label. Ordered!
  11. Tried to order 100 7" poly bags for $10.75 (Deal!) and this popped up. Really bummed me out. Orders under $25 will incur a $4.00 small order charge.
  12. thadco


    I only gift on here, always worked out.