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  1. Just called my local HT. They have two copies left. Is anyone still looking? PM me. (Update: Currently spoken for. Will update if this changes.)
  2. I got mine from Amazon yesterday. Definitely does not appear to be 180 gram...I'm probably just an idiot.
  3. Just a heads up, this is not the 180 gram version. Amazon's version is standard retail black. Here is a source for the 180gram:https://killermerch.com/artist/Circa%20Survive/Circa%20Survive%20-%20Descensus%20Black
  4. My good friends Cadence Fox independently released their debut LP, Metaphors For The Decline Of Humanity, this past Tuesday. Please give it a listen! These guys have been working real hard in the Chicago/Midwest area for the past three years, and this record is the proof of the goddamn pudding.
  5. Trying to make some cash for the Circa Survive pre-order. Prices are PPD; feel free to make offers on bundles. Thanks! Alkaline Trio | Damnesia $17 Dost, Andrew | Columbus | Amber Swirl $13 Fang Island | Self-Titled $13 Native | We Delete; Erase | Orange OFFER Native | We Delete; Erase | Clear w/ Black & Red Splatter (Tour Edition) OFFER Refused | Shape Of Punk To Come, The | RSD 2012 $30 Talons | Hollow Realm | Solid White / 150 $13 This Will Destroy You | Tunnel Blanket $17 Underoath | Ø (Disambiguation) | Gold / 600 $11
  6. I have The Shape Of Punk To Come and Tunnel Blanket; however, you don't really have anything I'm looking to trade for. If you want to PM a monetary offer, feel free!
  7. A buddy of mine asked me to throw his three-day pass up on the F/S boards so that he can pay for two other festivals instead. He is looking for $150 OBO. PM me if you are interested!
  8. Bookmarked this thread due to discussion of Portillo's.
  9. Just received my copy of The Money Store on 180G and good god was it worth the higher price tag. Sounds amazing. My only complaint is with the way it was packaged. They included a promo sticker inside the jacket. By the time I received the package, the sticker was half-way applied to the inner sleeve.