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  1. Does Amazon ever fulfil backorders for limited (/500 in this case) items? I placed an order for a box set because i can't find it anywhere else, but I'm not sure I want $80 tied up for a while.
  2. Anyone know how many Mondo puts up for these type of releases? 500? Just trying to figure my odds...
  3. Dammit sorry....can I delete the thread? Don't see a way to edit the title.
  4. Didn't see this posted anywhere else. Went live about 30 minutes ago I don't know anything about the label, but hopefully a solid pressing.
  5. I somehow managed to buy an extra copy. $35 shipped in the USA. Payment via PayPal G&S. Thanks!
  6. Turntable Lab is refunding my Office Space vinyl and doesn't want me to send it back. They aren't refunding the shipping, which seems a bit cheap to me but whatever. Probably won't bother with them again, since they also took 4 days to get 'approval' for the return. You send me a warped record just take care of it. I wonder if the warped one can be saved? I already ordered a replacement so if anyone wants it I'll send it to ya. - Pic of warp - Video of warp
  7. Thanks for the juno suggestion. Their shipping is crazy cheap for sending it over the pond.
  8. Update: they are offering a replacment or refund. I'd love to have this ST, but with how this copy is I'm thinking I could very well get another warped one.
  9. I paid via cc on the TTL site. Here is what they told me to do to try and 'fix' it: Many records come with a slight warp due to imperfect presses and distributor storage. This problem is easy to correct. Just place your thumbs on the center of the record and flex the edges in the opposite direction of the warp. Rotate, repeat, test on the turntable. Do this a couple times whenever you play the record and it should fix itself. Seems ridiculous and not an effective way to fix anything. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. Anyone else get a copy of the Office Space soundtrack that is warped? I don't know how much is acceptable, but Turntable Lab's customer service basically said they generally don't accept returns on vinyl. The album also doesn't sound great, but I'm not sure how much is the warp vs. the pressing itself. Video: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPPEvzdwi5qKeys15xj1rrTec2uQ65gGVZD0B73
  11. Yep same price every 3 months. I've been a Vault member since 2011 and I don't think it has ever changed.
  12. If you still have this, how much do you want shipped?
  13. I just purchased a single record and shipping was $5. Just to test I added two to my cart and it does show $8.50 for shipping. (Devo and Germs RSD titles)
  14. Did you snag the last one? I sent them a msg to see if somehow they have any more.
  15. I got a b-stock Magni 3, and my speakers are powered so I think I'm all set. I just need another rca cable. Thanks so much!!
  16. Wow, some of the plaid room leftovers vanished quickly at 8am EST. There was one copy of Mamas and the Papas that I wasn't fast enough. The hunt continues for that and the Garbage 7" single.

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