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  1. Hopefully another press of this happens… without a year long delay though if anyone wants to offload their copy for like $40, hit me up
  2. Any idea when these are shipping? I had almost forgotten that I ordered this.
  3. This has completely disappeared from MOVs site. Wonder what happened
  4. It’s been hit or miss lately on them. I’ve found most of the black releases wind up available on Amazon too
  5. Finally!!! Out in April https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/the-zutons/who-killed-the-zutons#.YiMzb8BOkWN A few random POs are up in Europe but nothing in the US yet (though there will be soon as usual)
  6. Anyone know of a place to get this (aside from discogs or the super inflated copies of eBay/Amazon? Or if anyone wants to sell, I’m interested.
  7. I really liked this album but at $50 preorder for October 2022 is wild. I’ll probably cave at some point and buy it.
  8. They finally responded and said I didn’t receive a download code because I never specified which format (mp3 of flac) when I checked out (never saw this when I checked out on mobile). Now they asked what format I want **EDIT Got my code. This album is pretty rad on first listen. 👍
  9. Did anyone receive their download email from hellomerch?
  10. And they are shipping just in time for him to be on point. (Got my ship notification on 11/29)
  11. Just one day later amazon is shipping it to me so no need. Plus I've already downloaded the Autorip so I'm committed to my Amazon order
  12. Oof, can’t believe I paid $7.50 for shipping. At least no sales tax 🤷‍♂️ But I need my collection to stay complete.