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  1. Less than jake’s anthem is up for vote!!! https://www.runoutgroovevinyl.com/product/anthem-41731?eml=2019August9/4709010/6416261&etsubid=34303848 Spread the word
  2. Still waiting on mine but at least the tracking has action. NY to KS after 8 days. I’m in Miami. A+ USPS
  3. It’s up on amazon for $30 and preorder price guarantee.
  4. I sold mine too. I will be picking this up at some point.
  5. I somehow had ordered the Indie Exclusive via amazon back in March and they emailed me today saying my order was cancelled Luckily amoeba still had the indie on clear in stocked. Snagged it there with free shipping for $29.98
  6. I discovered that too. Had to go to my original email order confirmation and click the "download" link
  7. I really dig the EB variant. It should be on my doorstep any day now.
  8. Mine came in Monday from ROG and I also have damage from transit. Hooray UPS
  9. The estimated ship date was 4/12 which has come and gone. Their website doesn’t have any additional info except that they are moving warehouses and there may be delays. I had had almost forgotten I ordered this until I heard “Chain” on my iPod in my car.
  10. Well, that sucks. PayPal claim filed. I'm curious how they will refund the "Buy 2 Get One 1 Free" deal. I received only 1/3 of my order.
  11. In case you ordered via EAS: bummer. i've updated the link to what Bullmoose has listed. I guess this is a sign that I should stick with my OG copy.
  12. Crazy. If anyone can snag me a copy during the tour, I’ll give cost, shipping, and $ tip. Nearest show for me is 200+ miles which sucks.