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  1. Got that one as well I had the PN variant in my cart, entered all my info, got to the final screen, got distracted at work, never paid, and missed it. Glad that Zia press looks awesome
  2. I had a nice big order on Saturday. Odd that the Thrice - Beggars colored exclusive was only $11.99 BEFORE the discount but I’m not complaining.
  3. hmm... the "smoke" color isn't even listed on the hype sticker... and the vinyl is much more aqua than anything... still super stoked to have this
  4. Glad this worked for me! Missed the splatter but happy to get a copy
  5. Mine now has movement after sitting in pre-ship for a week. I bet they are pretty overwhelmed with everything so the wait is understandable.
  6. I moved since ordering this but getting my address updated was super easy. It was one email via their Bandcamp page
  7. Just received shipping notice for my marble smoke copy!
  8. I just ordered the Zia on Wednesday (surprised it was still available) and got shipping notification today
  9. I don’t care about the wait. I will buy every weezer release.
  10. PO live now: https://1234gorecords.com/snoonews4u/the-network-money-money-2020-lp-neon-pink-vinyl (I tried to search for an existing thread but the search function is 🗑) *Edit: already got shipping confirmation. Hot damn that was fast
  11. Will buy. Have OG of both but cannot pass up his reissues. Amazing quality Hopefully they are easy to get like Downward was.
  12. Hopefully another press of this happens… without a year long delay though if anyone wants to offload their copy for like $40, hit me up

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