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  1. I used to have a few OG copies of their LPs which I sold over the years to fund moving/wedding so I’m happy to have this to fill that void.
  2. I accidentally bought two copies of this when it first came out and sold my duplicate for like $20. Oh well.
  3. I’m digging it too still hoping one day we get pressings of their first albums.
  4. Got the same. Had never listened to them before and this E.P. was awesome one of my knuckle puck 12”s has a nasty warp but luckily doesn’t affect play
  5. Same here. Very glad to finally have these both and I don't mind the wait.
  6. Just listened to this entire thing today. I love it. Seriously, it’s awesome. Haven’t gotten my official shipping notification yet but my usps dashboard shows me getting a package from KRM soon
  7. I have a couple of records that were shipped to me on April 6th from Tokyo and are still sitting in limbo. Once they finally arrive it’ll feel like Christmas
  8. Once my copy arrives I’ll compare. For some reason it’s going GA>TN>FL...
  9. FYI - it’s up for $22.99 on Amazon (mobile wont let me link)
  10. This album rips and I will spin my OG shortly to celebrate. hopefully the missing vinyl from their discography gets pressed soon.
  11. Kids, it’s time to get spooked!! Kooky Spooky... in Stereo! – our 6th studio album – is out on June 20th, but you can pre-order your copy now on CD or vinyl! Plus, all-new Kooky Spooky merch bundles include a SIGNED copy of the album, along with a special glow-in-the-dark shirt! Check everything out in the official online store today! Looks like they only have standard black vinyl right now. Hoping a color pops up soon which also includes a full download.
  12. lol, so true it is a bummer though that ordering directly from his web store gets you the same version as amazon
  13. Got my copy from his site today and it's listed as "translucent orange" as opposed to this. Also it looks like it has a different barcode. Some people on Discogs are clueless and put bad info so I don't trust those pressing numbers unless we find additional sources I did update my version on there with everything I could based on my copy in hand https://www.discogs.com/release/15007768
  14. Weird, because even when I googled mutant league’s website yesterday, I had the same error. And now it’s working perfectly. Ordered the starburst version.