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  1. Didn't notice the Screenprint variant when i first looked at all the variants and ordered the Bridge9. Can't justify the EU price, but oh well. I'm curious which part of the story this album is going to tackle.
  2. Good call, was super bummed that I missed the blue after days of refreshing. Just ordered and put in a request to cancel my original order.
  3. Dammit, Really wish I would have seen this before I picked it up. Also can't get the FYE to work either.
  4. Bone: 1,200 Baby Blue: 300 (FYE Exclusive) https://media.nuclearblast.de/shoplanding/2019/TheDamnedThings/high-crimes.html
  5. I mean, it sounds like he was saving his voice in general. If he's not hitting notes, optimistically, it's b/c he's either: a) not capable of hitting them any more, or b) not able to hit them at that moment due to illness/fatigue..
  6. Anyone else's Clear signed copy come in with the inner plastic bag wrecked? mine had seam splits and a puncture hole right out of the box. Also super suspicious of this kind of packaging every since the Glassjaw W/T Bag residue debacle.
  7. bit the bullet on the limited cd/variant. I dig this band, but it's interesting that they essentially sound exactly like early Fear Before...... it seems like we've finally reached full circle in that scene.
  8. I don't get this label's business model. They keep repressing the same records. over and over. meanwhile they're sitting on a CATALOG that they haven't pressed ever and everyone knows they would sell out of small runs of ANY of those releases.
  9. didn't get the confirmation email, but my card was charged, so I'm assuming i'm good. Stoked i was able to grab it
  10. Thanks for the recommendation! I was able to pick up the rest of the 36 MOV releases there and the Carver City MOV release there for better prices than anywhere else i've seen!