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  1. FYI hot topic is running 20% off right now and it works on the clearance vinyl. Just grabbed Balance and composure and From first to last for $5 apiece.
  2. This is where I'm at. Considering they still have plenty of copies of FEW left and they haven't released pressing info, I'm assuming it's not limited. Matt Ryan Tobin doing the album art though is a big selling point for me to get the record and see the album insert/layout.
  3. I will say i enjoyed the 2nd half more than the first but between the production and the songs I'm not particularly impressed overall.
  4. This record is kind of a snooze fest compared to their first one. It gets a little better as it goes though.
  5. So i'm curious if there's gonna be more bundles, when I first selected the vinyl for details there was a suggest item below that showed a bundle that was a black denim jacket with a back patch and record for $83 but it took you back to the main page when you clicked on it and now I'm not even seeing it as a suggested bundle so someone is still working on that site. I'm holding off on ordering this one for now. too much money for my blood and I'm going to wait to see if they release any other colors/options.
  6. https://spinefarm.merchnow.com/catalogs/he-is-legend
  7. Just throwing it out there, Neck of the Woods has some of their most aggressive songs IMO, but they weren't obviously heavy b/c of the electronics layered under it. I'm a fairly predictable metalhead in that I gravitate towards aggressive music, which is why I enjoyed SSPU first three albums so much. They're not a "heavy band", but they'll write a riff or melody that's really brash and grating. While I can see why people don't like the direction they're moving, I still have hope with every album that they'll have some songs that follow the themes/tones I just previously mentioned.
  8. Digging this song, I honestly thought they were done. Wasn't big on the last one but NOTW was a masterpiece.
  9. yeah that's insane, it was $16 shipping for three records and i thought THAT was outrageous.
  10. Good call, Grabbed three records for $30, shipping costs were atrocious but still a good deal.