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  1. This song bangs and the Bridge is top tier, can't imagine why this song get's any sort of shoulder shrugging.
  2. I never got to see him play live but he was such a phenomenal drummer who will forever be underrated/under-appreciated.
  3. yup, still waiting. be sitting in "waiting to receive shipment" status for 2 weeks now.
  4. Im glad people are excited for this release, I'm personally disappointed because this record has been repressed so many times and I was hoping Craft was going to give us something that hasn't been pressed yet from victory. Hopeful for the future.
  5. Also since they showed Last American Cowboy in the clip my assumption is it's gonna be Found in the Flood
  6. To be fair, they did re-release in 07 so it could be fair to say they have the rights.
  7. Really hope this means they're pressing that final FATA record.
  8. Mine came in friday. overally happy with the packaging. Haven't checked the pressing quality yet. -Clay
  9. Got my placement sleeve in the mail from MD and it's beat to hell and bent b/c USPS ignored all the do not bend/fragile stickers and apparently used it as an ice scraper. lame. sauce.
  10. Dang, that's a bummer. The half black/clear silver splatter came out beautiful.
  11. first copy arrived and the inner 7' shredded the ring that's supposed to hold it in place. Bummer

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