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  1. Target Exclusive https://www.target.com/p/boygenius-the-record-target-exclusive-vinyl/-/A-88393069
  2. I haven’t tried yet. Looks like maybe 5-6 ( the interior isn’t that large), they just made the overall exterior dimensions huge for no reason.
  3. Mine came yesterday, it’s a little bulkier than I expected.
  4. The signed insert is sealed into the vinyl. Do the stickers on the vinyl say signed? If so, it should be in there. If not, definitely let them know and see what they can do for replacement.
  5. Still looking for a signed Jade is anyone snagged an extra. Got an extra signed of any of the other three colors, or regs of all 5 (including Target).
  6. Totally forgot about this but somehow just checked out both a LIYW and Dead Poetic…
  7. Because I was trying for both variants, unfortunately only got the one and no one else I talked to was opening to check colors. The merch line was 45 minutes long all night, multiple people asking everyone in line to buy them extras if they weren’t planning on buying vinyl. I only got 2 total as I paid for a friend to come with me. Some people were walking around with a box full.
  8. Lol no I went to the show to get a copy for myself before I knew if they would be making their way online or not. They only had a limited amount at each show and it sold out each night.
  9. Just this. I’m not posting on the boards, I had to physically go and spend money and time to pick this up. Seen it sell for close to this already. Posted it on there with a “make offer” option available. Would be stupid to post lower if someone is willing to buy for that, but I’m also not unreasonable. Also, these will be available online, so timing is really key. Already had someone Buy It Now at full price last night but we mutually agreed to cancel it so it’s back up.
  10. Did they just not send the cd? I got the cd and thought they didn’t send me the signed. But the signature card is behind the booklet, so I had to open the cd to find it.
  11. @jhuludi got you covered if you need the regs. They didn’t cancel my order in time so now I’ve got 2 of each of the limited edition unsigned sitting around here.
  12. Ya I received my signed moonstone yesterday and all my unsigned ones today

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