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  1. Got my copy of mmhmm yesterday. Haven't had a chance to open/play yet but it's already shipped/arrived.
  2. Any VMP members able to order me one? Not signing up for a 3-month membership for this.
  3. Sandbag continues to be the worst, least reliable distributor ever. They still haven't refunded my PayPal from the first day where they "couldn't process my order" causing me to miss out on the splatter. Then at the bottom of the email it states "If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected]". Hmmm, replying to a no-reply email, sounds about right. So, what the hell, I follow their instructions. Then immediately get an auto-response email saying this isn't a monitored inbox. *face palm*
  4. https://dashboardconfessional.myshopify.com/ pressing up on limited splatter on Dashboards site. Email with info on upcoming presses as well including the first three emails through Mondo of all places.
  5. I don't think that means what you think it means... That seems to say to me that they will allow you to stream again for the next 24 hours, just like when you rent a movie on a streaming site. Obviously, someone can probably record the stream or the playback stream, but it doesn't sound to me like they are sending you a DL code. If anything, they'll try to sell those as DVDs later or something.
  6. Those descriptions are still really badly written in my opinion to truly clarify that they are the original recordings and not just the livestream on vinyl. But stoked either way.
  7. I'm a little salty. Was on way before 8:20, carted all three and breezed through checkout with paypal. Then a minute later (after I already get the confirmed checkout paypal email) I get the dreaded Sandbag processing error email. Had to go through the whole thing again. Needless to say at 8:21 I missed out on that swirl. If anyone has an extra I've got a very large collection for trade, including a blink MTTS.
  8. Signed up for Pillar but it was already sold out. Not to cancel pillar and reverse the charge
  9. ugh, missed them. Stupid meetings. didn't think they'd sell that fast, thought I'd be ok with 3 minutes
  10. Ya, unfortunately. Had some bundles with a signed poster but nothing vinyl related.
  11. They've got something getting announced tomorrow at 9am according to their Twitter. May be date announcement and/or official pre-order after they saw the demand the other day. or it could be something else completely.
  12. I was able to snag one after continually refreshing on the checkout page. Keep trying.
  13. Sounds like Crimson era vibes. I'm down!