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  1. Thanks! Easy peasy. Didn’t have to go out early again this year and still got the three things I wanted no problem.
  2. Wasn't fast enough for The Wonder Years but looks like I got Thrice and Julien Baker from Plaid Room
  3. Looking for Thrice, the Wonder Years and Julien Baker
  4. They finally have media mail, guess I can pick this up now
  5. That UO link dead for anyone else? OR did it already sell out and get taken down?
  6. Pretty sure this was just the leftovers from the randomly signed ones back in the pre-order for the Deluxe editions back in the day. There was probably like 5 of them for sale.
  7. Ya, they sent out an email this morning talking about how if you pick a certain vibe it includes 3 Hopeless exclusives which are a yellow highlighter Neck Deep LNOTGY, Orange Yellowcard Southern Air, and Black Thrice IOS
  8. Still have a clear with splatter to trade for the other wag mage splatter if anyone is looking
  9. Picked this up at the show the other night, enjoy the packaging and the sound is great. Though I just realized I didn't get the orange pinwheel which was supposed to be the tour exclusive colors. I got the 50/50 split instead.
  10. Have a bundle #1 I'd be open to trade for a bundle #2
  11. I got my bundle 1 today and the sticker on the back says clear with 3 color splatter. Haven’t had a chance to open it though. Will do it in the morning and report back. I have a feeling they switched bundle 1 and bundle 2 though and bundle 2 got the wax mage and bundle 1 gets a clear with OG color splatters.
  12. Ya I didn't get any shipping notice, it just showed up. That said, opened it up to see if the digital download would work... And there wasn't a card. So don't know if the regular copies come with a download which is kind of lame.
  13. Also, re: Wax Mage. Someone on chorus.fm reached out to Wax Mage on FB and they responded saying they still did them. So no reason to freak out
  14. Haven't listened yet but just got home to find my bullmoose indie variant waiting for me