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  1. I'm debating getting this or holding out hope for deluxe on vinyl...
  2. Same, clicked the button off. Then still got an email confirmation.
  3. Looks like I missed the pedal, wallets happy at least
  4. Seems the reason the colors "sold out" so fast is that they are out of 500 and 200 of these alone are set aside for the Mega Bundle and another 100 were for the Vinyl bundle. So really only 200 solo copies were available on the site.
  5. Not pre-orders, livestream concert of Flowers on the Grave. New pressing/color way of You Are Ok limited to 500 on the Pillar merch store with other exclusive merch like a puzzle and signed set list.
  6. Got my signed copy today. Album is definitely better than what I expected given that I didn't like the 3 singles, though in the context of the album I don't find myself wanting to skip them. First listen was definitely jarring as all of the aggression and snarl was completely gone. But I think it'll grow on me like the last TSSF album.
  7. So excited, got a flexi today too. Song sounds great and always love me some Andy Hull
  8. Snagged a Box #2 after just selling my Box #1 a couple weeks ago. Now hoping they repress Box #1. Also, really hoping all of this Box #1 and Box #2 plus the other artwork done so far is all in that book coming out in October. No space (or money) to get all the posters, but love the artwork.
  9. 3 songs in and this is vibing this morning. Loving the stripped back mood