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  1. Debating buying. Haven’t listened in years so not sure if I can justify it. Bought DBL a couple months ago and it was…ok? Not sure I’ll spin much
  2. Still looking for The Lakes and Portraits of Her comp for non asinine prices if anyone has leads. Willing to pay over retail, just not $100+
  3. All I’m looking for is Taylor Swift, and seeing the prices on eBay it looks like I’m definitely not getting any.
  4. I have all the 7” and double checked on Discogs. One of the 7” is an Apathetic 7” but just has two of the acoustic Mmhmm songs, none of the EP originals
  5. Former lead singer of The Lonely Forest. Repress of the second of a four part solo series. https://iamjohnvandeusen.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-origami-pt-2-every-power-wide-awake
  6. Smartpunk Exclusive up /200 https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/pre-orders/products/travie-mccoy-never-slept-better
  7. I mean, isn't the entirety of Deck the Halls already on Let Is Snow? Seems a little redundant to press the same thing with less songs at this point. Agree on Apathetic. We don't have The Truth or Which To Bury Acoustic on any vinyl release yet do we? We got the Thief on the Live, but not the studio version.
  8. These are both just represses of the same colors from 2016 pressings, correct?
  9. Cover looks like they blew up original cd, pixelated, not the highest quality. Just put the vinyl on now, had to reset the tracking force on my stylus as i was only getting one channel, despite having just listened to other records just fine before it. Sound is serviceable. Haven't listened to the original in years so not sure how they compare.
  10. Glad I checked this thread. I didn't even think about it until just reading your post and realized I had ordered the Orange with the 7" as well and was sent black and none of the other items... Just reached out to them on bankdcamp. You hear anything from them yet?
  11. New pressing of this as well as a repress of The Lost Sea both limited to 1,000 available for Patreon members now.
  12. They can audit you and expect you to have the receipts to prove it. If you don’t, then they’ll tax you more since you can’t prove the cost basis.

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