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  1. Ah, ya, I'm an idiot haha. Didn't realize it was just a restock. Can't keep track of my RK collection anymore.
  2. I know the email said only part of the order has been received so far. What's total pressing on this one? Just picked it up, gotta keep the variant collection complete.
  3. Demos on gold nugget /200 on Bandcamp and splatter /1500 on their KRM merch store
  4. Bumping this 9 year old thread just for @jhuludwho is obviously much more clued in now on who this artist is to let him know there is 10th Anniversary merch up with an official Call Me Maybe Singles pink vinyl option. https://carlyraejepsenshop.com/products/cmm-remixes-vinyl
  5. LOL, someone missed the memo about clear with splatter and went opaque swirl. I think the splatter looked a lot cleaner in mock up, but I'm fine with whatever at this point.
  6. If anyone finds a copy of this in a store anywhere would appreciate you picking it up for me if it's under $60
  7. Dammit, was waiting all day for this then got pulled into a work meeting. I'm so sad I might cry. Been waiting for this for so long.
  8. Select the $29 subscription option (you can cancel anytime), then sign up for the mailing list for another 20% off your first subscription order. Got it for $23 before shipping.
  9. She sent out an email this morning and it clearly shows two different green options, along with the Red. So I'd say the difference in greens is officially confirmed.
  10. That's a pretty looking variant, I've already bought like 8 though, I won't do anymore.... Well, maybe just one more
  11. Signed copies of Light Blue available at Criminal Records, signed indie pink already sold out. https://criminalrecords-102796.square.site/?fbclid=IwAR1P5psfTbZuRN90FXN7d13Xgsmso8t6L9O6MUH2rRQGyLUm_EMuUAne5EI
  12. Also, the first song/title track on this album is top 10 TJ song in my mind.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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