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  1. They didn’t. I responded to that asking if they had any for sale and he said those were just their personal copies in the studio
  2. Only got 8 more days to do that before it's gone for good. RIP
  3. There isn't anywhere to still pick up TOCS is there? I know Revolver is sold out. I got my copy, but my sister hit me up yesterday to get a copy for her husband for Christmas. Told her she needed to ask like 2 months ago.
  4. If I hadn’t given you the link you wouldn’t have been able to find it on the website. Spotify exclusive in the fact that it’s a hidden link sent to a certain numbers of the bands Spotify listeners. Normally Spotify runs are lower (think 200-500) and sell out quickly so if you don’t get the link directly in your email from Spotify by the time some kind soul like me posts it it’d be long gone.
  5. Isn't the version up on her store a dark green? We sure it's not the same?
  6. Great way to capture listeners who primarily stream and don’t follow the band as closely in my opinion.
  7. Spotify exclusive glow in the dark green: https://store.fueledbyramen.com/you-re-welcome-glow-in-the-dark-green.html
  8. Ya I was just browsing and thought the same. There’s no way he doesn’t take a bath on those. Or some people have to be really stupid to pay those outrageous prices when most of those albums can still be relatively reasonably purchased.
  9. No digital download with the vinyl purchase this time? Must be trying to milk those first few days digital sales to make people double up
  10. Thankfully picking up one for me and one for my brother so gets free shipping. Then will deal with other variants as they come
  11. How many variants and how many single(s) variants we getting this time? Still haven't received any of my original orders but now I'll have to place another 5 or 6...
  12. Just checked my tracking again today from my Day 1 order of all 8 that has been processing since Nov 19th, finally updated today to say it started shipping and will be here this Friday. Can't wait!

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