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  1. I reached out earlier this week as it's been radio silence on this (and the Alexisonfire box set) and got a "we aren't sure what the ETA is yet, thanks for your patience"
  2. New solo album out April 5, 2024. First single, Death Valley Honeymoon (feat. Cat Clyde), is up on Spotify and video out on YouTube. First variant is live (White and Pink) /350 https://dustinkensrue.kingsroadmerch.com/product/26008/desert-dreaming-lp-bonepink
  3. Still waiting here for the single rainbow collectors and left field appendix. Haven’t heard anything.
  4. https://merchconnectioninc.com/collections/saosin/products/saosin-translating-the-name-12-vinyl-bundle-first-press held back 150 of the first press and now bundling it for $82 with a poster, slipmat and numbered sleeve
  5. Pressing info: ALT COVER SLEEVE /400 METALLIC FOIL ALT COVER SLEEVE /150 SOMEDAY CAME SUDDENLY PINK VINYL (Standard Cover) /150 (Less than 20 left)
  6. Aside from new releases now costing $50 after taxes/shipping, seems everyone is also starting to mark up the more limited variants a few dollars more too. This being one example. But saw it several times this week.
  7. 3 different variants. 2 are “limited” along with some merch https://store.mikeshinoda.com/collections/the-rising-tied
  8. Once this comes in I think I might have to take a family picture. I have an almost complete RK discography (excluding the represses of the exact same colors as prior). Just missing the All Work No Playlist ans I decided I didn’t need those and one of the live albums that I for some reason never bought. Wish I could track down tests now.
  9. New press out of 5,000 on the bands webstore inside a coffee table book about the album. https://store.falloutboy.com/products/limited-edition-take-this-to-your-grave-20th-anniversary-coffee-table-book-and-vinyl
  10. Feels like the last 2 weeks every pre-order/on sale I've seen has been in the $32 - $42 dollar range (even for single LPs), which then becomes $45-$55 shipped with California taxes and shipping. Definitely said no to a lot of stuff I otherwise would have historically impulse bought. Looks like I'm finally speaking with my wallet on this. They're going to end up crashing their own market again like they did when cds started to be $25+ new.
  11. I don't think so, my online target order said it got delayed to Nov 3rd for shipping.
  12. Here’s some others: https://revhq.com/collections/new-found-glory/products/new-found-glory-catalyst
  13. They give you option of mp3, FLAC, ALAC and WAV. I was able to download in all different formats so not just stuck with one of them.
  14. Signing today was a shit show. They were letting people buy up to 10 copies to have signed. Then the band got fed up with that pretty quick as they were all scalpers. So those of us fans at the back of the line got much less time with them and only one item signed each.
  15. I don’t remember if I got confirmation. I think they just showed up, but I got mine.
  16. Pissed. Amazon sent me another black copy instead of the white. Last variant I’m waiting on and might be sold out.
  17. Same thing happened to me. But I went and clicked on the item link from my original order and it showed I ordered the Amazon exclusive and still in stock so I did the replacement. We’ll find out tomorrow if they messed it up again.
  18. Same. I keep reaching out via email and Instagram and getting no response.
  19. https://x.com/blink182aussie/status/1714960333477925374?s=46&t=O--j_us40mQL5AtK_g9plQ

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