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  1. New pressing of this as well as a repress of The Lost Sea both limited to 1,000 available for Patreon members now.
  2. They can audit you and expect you to have the receipts to prove it. If you don’t, then they’ll tax you more since you can’t prove the cost basis.
  3. I got my Red Hank shirt as well and no flexi. My one fear is that this shirt isn’t considered part of the winter line for some reason and therefore we didn’t get one. I’ll definitely return it if that’s the case, only ordered for the flexi as it was the cheapest item.
  4. If anyone snagged an extra I have a few older RK presses of different albums for trade
  5. Newbury sent an email saying the plat messed up the colors. I think what actually happened though is that the two exclusives got reversed. Vagrant was supposed to be a Purple/Neon Green Galaxy and Newbury was supposed to be a Orange and Blue Swirl. Galaxies/Swirls often go wrong though and end up primarily one color. Considering Newbury's is now a darker green haze and vagrant is an orangish mix, think the plant just sent the wrong ones to the wrong places.
  6. Wow, limit 5 on a sought after title? WTF. Gonna have to aftermarket this to keep the collection alive. Email went out an hour ago and somehow missed this.
  7. I just cancelled my order from March at full price, and re-ordered with 50% off. The latest update on the FAQs says they are expected to ship from the pressing plant at end of Jan, meaning we won't get them until March at the earliest. Wasn't going to keep letting them hold my money when I could get them for cheaper now.
  8. I pre-ordered this way early and should have been in first 1300 but radio silence on shipping so must be waiting till next year.
  9. Think that is the standard press people were getting off Amazon
  10. They posted on Twitter about the same time you posted this that flexis were 60% gone
  11. thanks, literally had a feeling about vinyl from them today and checked the store earlier in case any CFUTF or others went back up and didn't even look to see if the colored of this had gone up. Anyone selling CFUTF or B/S Collector's editions let me know. Don't care on colors.
  12. Yep, looks better in person, the color wisps don't show well on the pic
  13. Outers are the 9224 Diskeeper Ultimate Outer 2.5 from Sleeve City. Blue/Pink smush is the Cotton Candy Smash I'm pretty sure
  14. If anyone goes in store and finds a Watch Out! today, please let me know if you'll grab one for me. Only one I missed. Thanks!
  15. 7/10 have arrived so far. Just waiting on the Yellow US Indie, Purple Blast and the standard black. Apologize for the shitty pic, but just giving a quick idea of what they all look like in reality. Edit: Added better image without glare from outers
  16. Got all except Watch Out. Should have used CC instead of Paypal
  17. Ah, ya, I'm an idiot haha. Didn't realize it was just a restock. Can't keep track of my RK collection anymore.
  18. I know the email said only part of the order has been received so far. What's total pressing on this one? Just picked it up, gotta keep the variant collection complete.
  19. Demos on gold nugget /200 on Bandcamp and splatter /1500 on their KRM merch store
  20. Bumping this 9 year old thread just for @jhuludwho is obviously much more clued in now on who this artist is to let him know there is 10th Anniversary merch up with an official Call Me Maybe Singles pink vinyl option. https://carlyraejepsenshop.com/products/cmm-remixes-vinyl
  21. LOL, someone missed the memo about clear with splatter and went opaque swirl. I think the splatter looked a lot cleaner in mock up, but I'm fine with whatever at this point.
  22. If anyone finds a copy of this in a store anywhere would appreciate you picking it up for me if it's under $60

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