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  1. First couple tracks are interesting, there's a Klaus Schulzian krautrock vibe, then I dunno, it just gets kind of boring... I wannnnna love it. Shadows of the Sun is a masterpiece, I guess I'm expecting that. Would love to see Messe paired up with visuals, in a live setting would be awesome, the live Blu-Ray is stunning, and gives me the impression that's the true way to experience Ulver.
  2. Just got mine yesterday from The End... listened to it once. Vocals on one or two "tracks", the rest dark ambient atmosphere and orchestral flourishes. Not my cup of tea, but Ulver is Ulver, at least they're making music.
  3. Yea, the Ulver discs are all delayed too, said they would ship them two weeks ago "at the latest" (orig date 8/22/13). Now they're not even on the site anymore. Still trying to figure out if my copy of white PF is the only one with a damaged groove about a minute in (huge pop/skip). The pressing itself sucks, and the sleeves are way too tight causing warping that is audible. Selling it on eBay (with notes about both of these fun features).
  4. http://my.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbayBeta&CurrentPage=MyeBayNextAllSelling&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK:MESX Selling off a bunch of new metal vinyl issues. Enslaved, Agalloch, Alcest, Carcass, Katatonia, a whole bunch of Devin Townsend and Strapping Young Lad vinyl, some Rush, 13th Floor Elevators, all sorts of great stuff.
  5. Add $4 for shipping in the US. All have been played in NM condition unless noted. Agalloch - Pale Folklore 2LP White Reissue (one big pop on side A) $15 Alcest - Voyages White $18 (1st press /500) Carcass - Heartwork (2013, black, sealed) $14 Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Hand $14 Devin Townsend - Synchestra 2LP Brown $15 Devin Townsend - Terria 2LP $15 Devin Townsend - Ki 2LP (Green) $15 Devin Townsend - Coast 7" Signed by Dev, hand numbered $12 Enslaved - Riitiir 2LP Bone/Charcoal Splatter $15 Ulver - Wars of the Roses $15 In The Woods - HEart of the Ages 2LP Purple RE $18 Iron Maiden - Somewhere Pic Disc RE $18 Iron Maiden - 7th Son Pic Disc RE $18 Katatonia - Dead End Kings 2LP $18 Katatonia - Buildings 7" (clear) $8 Junius - Reports From The Threshold of Death (Clear) $14 Rush - Clockwork Angels 2LP Black $15 Immortal - Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism $18 black, corner crease, black label white text
  6. I had a very intimate relationship with Soilwork upon hearing Natural Born Chaos. I even liked Figure Number Five. That and In Flames "Reroute To Remain" were staples of my collegiate life. What happened? You grow up, you move on, but its always fun to revisit a period of your life every once in a while. I still smile when I listen to the power drill solo on Machinegun Majesty. In short, WANT. but not for import prices.
  7. I'm really looking forward to judging this album based on the music rather than the horrible sound. Made it unlistenable to me. I NEVER liked One Little Victory but the rest of the album is actually pretty good from what I remember. I got Presto for 5 bucks on discogs though it has a skip. "I'm not one to believe in mag--I'm not one to believe in mag-- I'm not one..." On a related note I love how they played "Presto" on their latest tour. Amazing setlist.
  8. Sweet, been looking for this. For some reason tho when I get a Back on Black release it sounds like its the CD I'm spinning.
  9. Got shipping notification... officially off the ledge...
  10. http://www.theomegaorder.com/ULVER-Messe-I-X-VI-X-LP?sc=13&category=438541 The End Records/Omega Order now have a North American exclusive /2000 version available for pre-order EDIT: Also good to know - they have the Svidd Neger reissue and with CRAZY75 coupon you can get 25% your entire order (over $75) WITH free shipping.
  11. Agreeeed. Should've seen the phantom living room circle pit I made for the breakdown on Conquering. Juh juhhnn juhhhn juh juh juhhn juhhn juh....
  12. How much was the lent edition? Thinking of going with silver/black. Anyone get a shipping quote to US?