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  1. Hey everyone, just bumping this. Still for sale - the guy I had lined up to buy it flaked! Let me know if you're interested Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have a copy of the first (US) pressing of Gaslight's "Sink or Swim" (on black vinyl) that I'm keen to sell. I bought this directly from XOXO Records when it came out. The record has been played (but barely), it's always been kept in a plastic sleeve and the jacket is in perfect condition. There's only 100 of these. I know they go for silly amounts on eBay, etc. I have absolutely no idea what price to ask for it, but please PM and make an offer and we can talk Thanks!
  3. Hey friends..Been a while since I've posted. Going to be selling a bunch of stuff im not into anymore in the coming weeks. Heres the first of... A Wilhelm Scream - Diver 7" First Pressing (Released: 02-07-2006) Blue w/Gray Splatter 185/1000 I think i paid around $30 for this a couple of years ago. No idea what they're going for now, but please PM me an offer if you're interested.
  4. Hey everyone... Can anyone please post the pressing info for Amnesia and Surrender by PIB? One of my uni pieces is on vinyl/PIB and I need to include this. I tired the search function but it seems to be fairly hopeless. Thanks!!
  5. ahhh. i knew if there was one dude i could count on it would be you man. thanks.
  6. Im in my final semester of a graphic design degree in Australia. For one of my final pieces (a sequence-based publication) I am using some lyrics from the ABLE BAKER FOX song "Whispering"... I couldnt seem to find the lyrics anywhere online. Can anyone help me out by making sure these are correct? (Its the first verse and first chorus): It's only natural, To feel a little insecure, Time has passed you by, And you're not who you once were, Hey! Don't stop, Take a look at what you've got, Hey! Don't quit, Not when you're living it (***I WAS UNSURE OF THIS IN PARTICULAR) Can't you hear what your heart is whispering? Aren't you listening? Why aren't you listening? Thank you thank you thank you - in advance.
  7. I thought the album was pretty good overall Does this mean you have heard all of Poetry?? If so where and how can I do the same? I liked "the road"...but its not a patch on some of the other songs from the album that ive seen youtube clips of -- shit. i sound like a dick. ha. ill be buying this when it comes out.
  8. yeah, that was my point. all questions succinctly answered. thanks virgil!
  9. Does anyone know if/when/where this is going to be released on vinyl? Are xtra mile or epitaph taking care of it? or will it be another love ire & song style situation? thanks!
  10. no, they have music on it. turntables play music ha! take that.
  11. a friend of mine found a brand new pink copy (still shrink wrapped) in some ebay store located in sydney. it was only $50 (australian)! and one sold for $150 (US) a few days later that he was going to bid on. lucky guy. i guess aussies just havent cottoned on yet.
  12. thinking about flying to london/england for the soul purpose of seeing this man. in my book it would be worth it.
  13. $USD15 to ship to Australia. youch. I ordered this anyway because i know its not gonna come around again...

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