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  1. No shipping from UK warehouse for this one, damn. Stocked for this nonetheless.
  2. finally a repress! pressed at Pallas! I can't believe this
  3. That album cover is screaming picture disc, unfortunately
  4. As much as I love Tool, honestly I don't give a shit about this deluxe version, I couldn't care less about that HD screen thingy, I just want the music and if possible vinyl as well. Easy pass
  5. Anybody else ordered through bandcamp? I just checked the status of my order and noticed it shipped on May 14, 2019. Honestly I doubt that's the case, of course it has not arrived. Just wanted to double check here in case someone had already received their copy
  6. I have an OG press and I am trying to slim down my collection... but damn this looks gorgeous
  7. In Europe as well https://deathwishinc.eu/products/neurosis-jarboe-neurosis-jarboe-reissue
  8. is there any physical evidence for the existence of red vinyl?
  9. If anybody has a yellow copy they are willing to part with please let me know