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  1. Mary and the Witch's Flower maybe?
  2. maxnadz

    Waxwork Records Thread

    It'd be cool if Justin got back into the vinyl game. Some of the very first Mondo soundtracks were amazing releases and if I remember correctly he played a big role in that.
  3. maxnadz

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Logan’s Run teased by Waxwork as a co-release with Justin Ishmael (ex mondo guy) crazy!
  4. Thanks, I'm all about horror and intense games. I'm definitely going to check out MoM.
  5. Thanks, I'm going to check those out.
  6. Hello, I'm interested in finding out some new board games/card games to play with friends from the neighborhood. We have been playing Catan, Secret Hitler, Exploding Kittens, etc.. for examples let's hear what y'all have been playing lately or want to buy.
  7. maxnadz

    Waxwork Records Thread

    The Babadook House / House II Night of the Living Dead (68) Sorcerer Cruising (4LP) Stephen Kings It (3LP) Drag Me to Hell Kong: Skull Island Friday the 13th: The Game Friday the 13th Part IV Eyes of the Mother The Exorcist Re-Animator (Re-Press in 2018) Queen of Earth Friday the 13th (Re-Press) Get Out French Connection Near Dark Alice Sweet Alice Thief Prom Night here is a list of records they mentioned coming out on the facebook Q&A they did
  8. maxnadz

    Record Store Day 2017

    If anyone can get the score to Abdullah and Balance and Composure 7" I'll pay em for their favor
  9. maxnadz

    RSD 2017 help needed

    To the top To the top
  10. maxnadz

    RSD 2017 help needed

    One week away bump
  11. maxnadz

    RSD 2017 help needed

    I need help getting two releases on RSD since I will be attending a wedding that day I cannot go. The two releases are Death Waltz score for Abdullah and the balance and composure 7". PM me if you can help and I will pay you for your troubles plus some
  12. Did anyone get the Silent Hill card in their Castlevania order?
  13. They posted a teaser pic of the cover a few weeks back as well.
  14. maxnadz


    Noon central time