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  1. Can't go. Tickets are general admission. Show is sold out. $45 for the pair to cover cost and paypal fees. Tickets are will call so I will call and put them in your name.
  2. YESSS. Almost paid $50 on Ebay for that yellow Kill it Live. Also picked up black/red Connect the Dots.
  3. I saw MS MR last week at the Independent in SF. They were really good! Sounded just like the album and they had a lot of energy. Saw Surfer Blood at the Independent in SF a couple nights ago and it was...not so good. They were just super boring up on stage. Everyone in the crowd looked like they were falling asleep. My girlfriend was finding it hard to stay awake. Saw NFG/ALK3 at the Warfield the day after Surfer Blood. It was AWESOME. NFG played first and then ALK3. Seriously like a high school wet dream. 2 of my favorite bands of all times. They had the black/yellow variant of Kill it Live and a bunch of t-shirts for both bands. They also have a limited edition /500 print for sale for $45. Only 20 are being sold at each show. I picked one of those up and can't wait to frame it.
  4. I just looked at it. It WAS painful. wtf.
  5. Anyone know any record store in San Francisco that has this available already? Please PM me!
  6. So a while ago there was a Tom Whalen Toy Story poster. I just moved in to a new apartment and would love to have it to frame. Does anyone have one sitting around that they would like to sell?
  7. So 50 friends press are still available? Are they going to be selling them at the upcoming tour with ALK3?
  8. Nevermind. Just read that it has been delayed. Damn. I hope Pretty.Odd is still available when it goes up.
  9. Was Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory supposed to be available today? Did I miss it?
  10. Thanks man. I built it with ideas and suggestions from this forum!
  11. Oh yeah! Definitive Technology Studiomonitor 350 $199 on NewEgg and I really like them! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882325059&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-_-pla-_-Home+Audio+Speakers-_-N82E16882325059&gclid=CPyBr9bNqboCFS9eQgodnjIAlw
  12. http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2009/08/organize-your-books-and-music-with-diy-labeled-dividers/ Really easy to do and looks great.
  13. It looks like it but it isn't! It's actually a carpet I got on Craigslist. It's like 7'x9'. I was looking at Ikea rugs but they weren't big enough to fill the space.
  14. Moved into a new apartment and finally got everything together. Ikea Expedit 4x4 with top row of dividers removed Music Hall a15.2 Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with Music Hall MAT slip mat Definitive Technology Studiomonitor 350
  15. Gah I really want this. Do we know how limited it is? I'm trying to determine if I need to pre-order.
  16. I bought a first pressing of Panic at the Disco- Fever on Ebay. Came stuffed in a yellow envelope. I was so fucking angry. I even explained, in detail, exactly how to properly ship a record. I even sent them links that had pictures of how to do everything.
  17. Beware that if you order the poster, it will come folded unless you also order a poster tube for $2. That would have sucked ha
  18. That trailer is dumb. Excited to hear this. Really enjoyed that show.
  19. Ordered. Slept on the Loser Edition from Sub Pop so I'm glad to get the /100 from Sonic Boom.

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