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  1. Mostly looking for Quality is Job #1 variants. Blues/Greens Also is you have a copy of How to Clean Everything with smoke let me know.
  2. Propagandhi - How to Clean Everything - Fat - Orange - $25 Have any smoke in int?
  3. SOS might be the best song they've ever written.
  4. Still looking for a pink and black Quality #1
  5. That would be super helpful. The Epitaph version that was just announced today is a different pressing. Doesn't say how many will be pressed.
  6. I follow the preorders, I actually had this in my cart but forgot to finish the paypal checkout. So dumb.
  7. If this thread already exists I couldn't find it. New Strung Out acoustic album out on Fat May 11. http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/981 I managed to mess up and miss the color preorder, so let me know if anyone has a spare.
  8. All but the solid white I still have I think.
  9. Here's a pic of all known variants to this point. theres also label variants between euro and us copies.
  10. Just need that Quality #1 now.
  11. Quality is Job #1, and Kung Fu Daniel. Also collecting the many iSpy split cover variants, gimme a shout if you want to let any of these go. If trading is your thing, I have doubles of some rare Prop stuff and FAT I'm open to swapping.