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  1. New napalm death up for pre-order at decibel. https://store.decibelmagazine.com/products/napalm-death-throes-of-joy-in-the-jaws-of-defeatism-preorder
  2. Mine came in from deathwish a few days ago.
  3. I snagged the discography on red/white/blue and snagged a mindforce swirl.
  4. If anyone can hook me up with a roger rabbit; i would greatly appreciate it.
  5. House of 1000 corpses, devil's rejects, and 3 from hell are up for pre-order. https://waxworkrecords.com/collections/vinyl
  6. Commando ninja soundtrack from enjoy the ride records. https://enjoytheriderecords.com/collections/enjoy-the-ride-records/products/commando-ninja-soundtrack-etr095
  7. Box set looked sick. Oh well. I ended up snagging the live album, gateway, and methods; as i already have the other 2.