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  1. Updated to show only what I'm willing to sell!
  2. SUPER interested, emailed you!
  3. Hey all, I'm looking to get rid of a lot of records. Most of the vinyl on my collection is up for grabs. Anything will be cheaper than the listing I have it for. https://www.discogs.com/user/mss614/collection
  4. I'm moving halfway across the country, and really need more money/less stuff. I'm keeping anything sentimental, but that's been taken off this list. Have at it: https://deadformat.com/collection/MattSherm
  5. Money's tight lately, so I decided to sell some stuff. Buy a bunch and I'll cut you deals! Stuff marked with the "$" I'll be quick to sell, other stuff I'm more hesitant to get rid of. https://deadformat.com/collection/MattSherm
  6. KD sold bump! Also check out my list for anything else you may want: https://deadformat.com/collection/MattSherm
  7. Title basically says it all. Shoot me some offers! Kevin Devine Make the Clocks Move - Clear Brown Front Bottoms S/T - 2x10" first press! Edit: KD sold!
  8. Selling a few things. Shoot me an offer! Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Blue/White Tour Exclusive Cayetana - Nervous Like Me - Black test/tour press Kevin Devine - She Stayed As Steam - Coke Bottle Bernie Sanders/Thurston Moore - Feel It In Your Guts - White numbered flexi w/ screen printed cover
  9. Buy some stuff (please) 12"s Kevin Devine - She Stayed As Steam - Coke Bottle Cayetana - Nervous Like Me - Black, tour version 7"s Tigers Jaw - 2008 Tour EP - Black Against Me! - Acoustic EP - Gold Rozwell Kid/TWIABP - 14 Minute Mile - Clear w/ splatter
  10. There's also a tape of '&' on one side and 'Mixtape 2' on the other, don't know if you have it but it definitely exists!
  11. I only have a limited amount of mailers, so buy multiple things! Prices PPD Against Me! - Acoustic EP - Gold - 18 Cheap Girls/Lemuria - Split - Maroon - 8 CSTVT - S/T - Clear w/ Screen Print - 12 Hostage Calm - Demo - Black - 8 Devinyl Splits 2, 4, 5, 6 (Would prefer to sell as a set) - 23 Lemuria - Varoom Allure - Green - 8 Making Moves Box Set - 25 Sundials - 1st 3 Songs - Black - 8 Sundials/Spraynard - Split - Black - 8 Sundials/Tatlins Tower - Split - Purple Mix - 8 Sunny Day Real Estate/Circa Survive - Split - Maroon - Offer Tigers Jaw - 2008 Tour EP - Black - Offer TWIABP - Mental Health - Square Lathe w/ screen print - Offer Rozwell Kid/TWIABP - Fourteen Minute Mile - Clear w/ Red Splatter - 15 Radiator Hospital - Can You Feel My Heart Beating? - Black - 8 Sheer Mag - II - Black - 8 I'm also looking for some N64 games, plus Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and Shadow Dragon! Let's work something out!
  12. Not here to make a political statement or anything, just here to share. Donate to the Sanders campaign and get a free /1000 flexi with screen printed artwork. Just pay shipping. http://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/products/feel-it-in-your-guts
  13. Selling some rarer/first press 7"s. Shoot me offers. Hostage Calm - Demo - 1st Press Black Beach Slang - Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken - 1st Press Black Say Anything/mewithoutYou - Tour Split - Clear Lathe TWIABP - Mental Health - Clear Square Lathe Sunny Day Real Estate/Circa Survive - Split - Maroon
  14. I'm a little short on cash now, and I don't quite know what I wanna sell. Check out my list and make me an offer I can't refuse! https://deadformat.net/collection/MattSherm EDIT: Here's like, the main stuff I'll get rid of. Make offers on other stuff if you feel like it though: Cayetana - Nervous Like Me - Black Tour/Test Press Foxing - The Albatross - Milky Clear CYLS Press Kevin Devine - She Stayed As Steam - Coke Bottle Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory - Black Saves The Day - Stay What You Are - Blue
  15. Posted in the Awkward Pop Songs thread but figured I might as well make a thread. It's /50, it's a lathe, it's "J A N K!" and a live version of "\/\/eed is Tight," it's $12 + shipping. I have one and it sounds very good for a lathe. http://tablethreemedia.bigcartel.com/product/jank-7-lathe-cut

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