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  1. A record I loved the summer I met my wife. Two for me!
  2. Success. Too much refreshing and going back a page, the cardinal sins of high-traffic preorders.
  3. I think people were harsh because The End DID come out, and the bumps were risks that almost always paid off and made for a really exciting record. Enter Suburba, which was more safe and ultimately made for a pretty vanilla record. They do deserve to do this for a long time. Good point.
  4. BEST: Secretly Canadian. Right after the green Maraqopa LP with 7"s sold out, I emailed customer service asking about it. The rep (thanks Betsey!!) somehow put a package together over the next few days and I was able to get it even though I snoozed. WORST: The occasional eBay and Discogs seller.
  5. I'm not as new at this as I sound, it's just Fat Wreck is notorious for not giving a heads up for stuff like this. Most of what I look for is 90's and earlier though, so thanks for the tip. Back to the topic. The songs are decent enough, but the guitar tones are killer. Fender Jag through a Bassman, right?
  6. Just black for me. I'm about 125 hours too late. Frustrating. You guys are pro; how do you know about the releases so fast?

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