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  1. jonnystorm777

    WTB - Blu Ray Digital Codes

    dang got them both already! Thanks though
  2. jonnystorm777

    WTB - Blu Ray Digital Codes

    I am looking for digital codes for movies. A lot of people don't ever use them. Shoot me a DM with what you got and I may buy them or even trade records.
  3. jonnystorm777

    WTB ipod Touch 32gb or higher

    Looking to buy or trade records for an ipod touch 32gb or higher. Let me know if you want to make a deal.
  4. I am loving this pressing.
  5. jonnystorm777

    PO: Sherwood - Sing, But Keep Going

    If anyone has a copy of this they want to get rid of, hit me up!
  6. jonnystorm777


    I am thankful we had him so long. he was 95 and still going to cons and signing autographs. I got to sit in on a panel with him once. He was so funny and witty even at 93.
  7. jonnystorm777


    I knew this day was coming. I felt the same way. Such a great guy. I've always looked up to him.
  8. jonnystorm777

    Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    I have been watching Mr. Sunshine. A lot of subtitles, but over all it is a great show.
  9. Never thought I would see these repressed. Glad everyone can enjoy them with out paying $300
  10. Had to order all three even though I have the OP's, I just had to.
  11. jonnystorm777

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    One can only hope.
  12. jonnystorm777

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    Dang it, now what am i going to look at while taking my daily dump?
  13. jonnystorm777

    PO NOW: Silverchair - Frogstomp

    This is such a great album.
  14. jonnystorm777

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    I love the pic of his dads girlfriend. What the Hell?