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  1. Man the 5 songs i have heard so far are so freaking good. I can't stop listening to them. I had to buy the other variant also.
  2. Haha this is really funny. Did he get banned or something? haven't seen him on here in a while.
  3. The long awaited Richard Edwards ( of Margot and the Nuclear So and So's) Solo album Titled " Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset" is going up for pre order on Wednesday over at joyful noise records. If you are a VIP member you can pre-order now. Link may not work until you sign in and are a VIP member. It should be available to everyone wednesday! https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/collections/albums/products/lemon-cotton-candy-sunset
  4. There was shady stuff going down on both sides to discredit the other candidates. The left would start fights at Trump rallies to make them look bad, as well as the whole media out to make Trump look bad and Russia leaked e-mails showing Hillary's true colors. But the votes were legit and not tampered with. Hillary lost because she was a terrible person/candidate.
  5. I remember Hillary saying that the leaked e-mails wont change anyone's vote. America has made up their mind already. Then after she lost, the Dems all cry about the leaked e-mails. It's rather funny and pathetic.
  6. I remember when Romney was saying Russia was our biggest threat in the debates and Obama laughed at him. Now the Democrats are all crying about Russia. It's kind of funny.
  7. Yeah, I am not a huge fan of the new Woman Thor. It's time for the real thor to return. I think this series may lead up to that. Not sure, but Unworthy Thor has awesome art and a great story. Also check out the new Old Man Logan series. That series is probably one of the best going on in Marvel.
  8. I've also been reading Image's "paper girls". The comic takes place in Cleveland, so I it's cool to see my city in it.
  9. Marvel has some good series right now. Unworthy Thor is great!
  10. The wait is finally over. The Protomen's album Act II is up for pre-order. I have been waiting for this album for so long. http://protomen.com/

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