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  1. Hey all, Looking to sell these 4 Tigers Jaw records, can provide pics upon request. Add $4 for shipping in the US, and if you’re interested in buying multiple records, I’m more than happy to budge on prices. Feel free to PM with questions, and thanks for looking! $90 - Tigers Jaw - red screenprint cover, with insert $25 - Acoustic Series #1 $25 - Acoustic Series #1 (cover is red, looks like the printer ran out of black) $15 - Acoustic Series #2 SOLD.
  2. Hey all, Most of these shirts are in good condition, some a little more worn than others - the ones with small holes or small stains are noted. Pictures are available upon request, and for shirts without sizes, I can take measurements upon request as well! So the minimum purchase is $10 not including shipping ($4 + $1 per extra shirt, or can cut a deal if purchasing a lot). I’ve sold records and/or shirts on here before, B9, and eBay (greenxcheese) before so no need to worry about getting ripped off or anything like that. $3: America’s Hardcore - Open Your Eyes (Uniform Choice Rip) (White, M) Cornered - Bringin’ It Down Judge Rip (Navy, M) Judge - Bringing It Down (2 holes, Navy, M) Let Down - Man W/Hammer (Red, M) Minor Threat - Bottled Violence (Cutoff, Red, S/M) *Or FREE w/$15 purchase React Records - Back Logos (Navy, M) Ringworm - Venganza (Faded Print, Black M) Steppin’ Stone - Graffiti (White, M) The First Step - What We Know (White, M) Triple B Records - Lion Back Logo (White, M) Truth Inside - Back Logo (Green, No Size - FOL 14-15) $5: Black Breath - Heavy Breathing (Faded, Black, M) Blue Monday - Go Vegetarian (Heather Grey, M) Blue Monday - Rewritten (Navy, M) Homewrecker - Born To Suffer (Dark Grey, No Tag, L) Iron Maiden - Powerslave Bootleg (Black, S/M) Mother Of Mercy - Danzig Rip (Heather Grey, S) Old Wounds - Skull Roses (Black, No Tag S/M) Sabertooth Zombie - Dent Face (Small Stain, White, M) Stick Together - X’d Fist (Beige/Khaki, M) Torch Runner - Amp (Black, M) $7: Mammoth Grinder - Skulls and Coffin (Black, M) Nails - God’s Cold Hands (No Tag, Black, M) Snowing - Dog Astronaut (Heather Red, M) Warthog - Exterminate Me (Black, M) $10: Black Sabbath - Paranoid OG Design (Black, M) Champion - Last Show (White, S) In Between - Broken Fingers (LS, Cream, M) Iron Age - Twisted Faith (Cracked Ink, Black, M) $15: Jawbreaker - When It Pains Morton Rip (Navy, M) $20: H20 - H2Obama (Black, M) Judge - Schism (LS, Red, M) Mineral - 20th Anniversary Tour (Black L)
  3. Unfortunately my local record store sold out of it before I could get to one. If someone could pick one up for me or has an extra, I'll gladly take it off your hands!
  4. Hey so I just cleaned out my closet and before I post these on eBay, thought I'd give people here a shot. No prices set, so shoot me some offers! Also, the TWIABP - Whenever, If Ever record release: $80ppd. Can provide pictures upon request. List is in order of picture: Let Down - M Iron Maiden - M Powertrip - M Truth Inside - M Wasted Youth - M The First Step - M Ringworm - M Minor Threat (Cutoff) S/M Heisenberg/Descendents - M Mineral - M/L Jawbreaker - M Blue Monday - M Exumer - M AHC - M In Between (LS) - M Iron Age - M Torch Runner - M Judge (some holes) - M Nails - M Snowing - M ON - M Cornered - M Schism/Judge (LS) - M Mother Of Mercy - S Mouthpiece - S Black Sabbath - M Black Breath - M Triple B Recs - M React Recs - M Old Wounds - M Southern CA SXE (jacket) - S Warthog - M Violation - M Sabertooth Zombie (spot) - M Stick Together (stain) - M Blue Monday - M Stepping Stone - M Metallica (baseball tee) - L H2O/Obama - M
  5. I've got a copy I'd be willing to part with. It's signed by the band.
  6. Thank you! I don't know where I even got the Fillmore from.
  7. Hey, so I have a pair of tickets to the Death Cab/Explosions In The Sky show happening in a couple of weeks at the Merriweather in Columbia, MD I was super stoked on going to this show but unfortunately am now unable to go so I'm trying to sell them now. I paid $108 for them but am willing to go lower. Seat info as follows: SEC: Left Loge Rows R-V ROW: R SEAT: 310 SEC: Left Loge Rows R-V ROW: R SEAT: 311 You can message me on here, or for a faster response email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, letting these go since I'm moving and decided to go through my collection and pick out the stuff I don't listen to. I've sold stuff on here, theB9 board (user: queefff), and ebay (user: greenxcheese), and have never had a bad transaction with anyone! Paypal only, and as far as trades go, I'm mostly looking for metal and some emo. Mostly metal though. Let me know if you have any questions on here, or email me at: [email protected] (I'm slightly colorblind, that explains the question marks. I'll check discogs for the actual color if needed, but most of them are pretty accurate since I'm not severely colorblind...) 5" Waifle/The Anasazi - Split (Orange) 6" Combatwoundedveteran/Orchid - Split (Purple) Usurp Synapse - In Examination Of 7" A Life Once Lost - The Fourth Plague: Flies (Clear Red?/Orange?) Ambitions - Neon Lights Attitude - Piss And Vinegar (Piss?/Vinegar?) Downslide/Kill Your Enemy - Split Get Down - S/T (Clear Yellow) Guttermouth - Balls Jimmy Eat World/Blueprint - Split Kill The Messenger - Five On Seven Look Out - Unrestrained (Clear/Black) Rorschach/1.6 Band - Split Running Like Thieves - The Approval Of The Crowd (Clear Green) The Clash - London Calling Single The Kind That Kills/Anchor - Split (White/Gray Splatter) Voodoo Glow Skulls - Land Of Misfit Toys Waifle/Crestfallen - Split (sticker damage on cover) Wear The Mark - Thrown To The Wolves (Clear/Black) 9" Das Oath - S/T (I think?) 10" Time In Malta/Breathe In - Split 12" 7 Seconds - The Crew 97A - Abandoned Future EP (Picture Disc) 97A - Society's Running On Empty A Chorus Of Disapproval - Truth Gives Wings To Strength Ambitions - Stranger (White/Blue Splatter?) Belle & Sebastian - Sing Jonathan David Billingsgate - No Apologies (Clear Red) Combatwoundedveteran - I Know A Girl...(Clear Yellow) Descendents - Hallraker Live! Ensign - The Price Of Progression (Unopened, Tan) Force Of Change - The Fire Still Burns (Clear) How We Are - To Teach A Hundred And One Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Justice - Live And Learn (Unopened!) Justice League - Shattered Dreams One Step Ahead - Breaking The Silence Over My Dead Body - Sink Or Swim (Turquoise) Robot Whales - Vehicle (Yellow) The Judas Factor - Kiss Suicide True Colors - Rush Of Hope (1x Red, 1x Yellow) Union 13 - Youth, Betrayal And The Awakening Where Eagles Dare - To Come From Nowhere
  9. The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson. Just started it, seems decent enough.
  10. @brainxcavity some records once in a while, but mostly everyday life, travel, cats, etc.
  11. Pretty sure I have a copy of How We Are - "To Teach A Hundred" I'd be willing to trade.
  12. was the Bruce LP the Maiden you were referring to, or is there more?
  13. Kind of a bummer that the Maiden picture disc isn't the entire album, would definitely consider it if it had "Rime..." or "Hallowed...".
  14. Too bad I just spent a ton of money on records this month, or I'd be snagging some of these. Just giving you a South Carolina bump!