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  1. From my limited interactions with the site it seemed like it was just a way for resellers to push their items to get maximum profits. Not sure if you'd find a deal on the site, but maybe i'm wrong.
  2. Snagged the BV /300. Want the tape too but its almost $20 by itself.
  3. I think the artwork looks cool. ABR albums are always really solid so I have no problem pre ordering without a song yet.
  4. https://www.discogs.com/release/24610886-A-Day-To-Remember-Common-Courtesy Paypal ready to go; hit me up
  5. This song goes out to every kid who was picked last in gym class wrong album, i know.
  6. Slept on this. Finally got around to listening to the album and it slaps. Both colors are sold out, hopefully more will pop up online
  7. New Found Glory - From The Screen To Your Stereo was a 10" and is long, long overdue for a repress
  8. I remember years ago I bought a 2-pack of Hide Nothing on black for like 20 bucks from the Pop-Up Records ebay store. It's a very basic pressing - IIRC vinyl in a paper sleeve, single LP, maybe an insert?
  9. Can't wait to get these. And IIRC they were supposed to ship in November right? So it going out early is definitely a nice surprise. Saw PTW at Furnace Fest and they were incredible - awesome set. TFTR songs they played sounded great and i think suited Jeff's vocals now.
  10. 12K for a chest of RANDOM Victory Records test presses is ASKING to get fleeced. That list sucks! Victory would repress albums that made them money like candy!
  11. This repress completely flew under the radar for me, but apparently this local shop has it up for pre-order, and is evidently part of a bigger release. I'm assuming this is the indie release variant? Stoked RELEASE DATE | October 28, 2022 https://loudpizza.com/products/a-day-to-remember-common-courtesy
  12. I wish in-demand releases would just do their variants then release like 1000+ on a solid color 2nd Press if the demand is there (clearly there is for this LP)
  13. Whoa! out of nowhere! Can't wait to see them at Furnace Fest
  14. Just purely a guess but a 2XLP long-awaited release I'm gonna say 49.99 before shipping
  15. Their only album I don’t listen to. Glad it’s getting a pressing finally for those who want it