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  1. unrelated but they're selling the Bleed American CD for $5? Just give it away at that point haha
  2. that shirt with their classic logo and nature scene sent me back to like 2002... love it
  3. Remember when Hundredth used to be good? I miss the melodic hardcore days
  4. Pretty disappointing hearing a long overdue repress of this album sounds bad. It’s a shame cause the color in color and jacket are really nice
  5. Thought the same thing opening this up. They’ve even edited him out of old show footage
  6. Judging by the Tweet there's at least 4 colors on a 2xLP: Orange/pink split (webstore) Black (retail?) marbled gray? Urban Outfitters Exclusive (not yet available) neon green? Barnes & Noble Exclusive (not yet available) not word on numbers yet https://store.paramore.net/en/atlantic-75/paramore-self-titled-double-vinyl/075678617690.html Thinking about the keyholder right now.
  7. Jordan's vocals are especially whiney on Catalyst....but I'm a lifelong NFG fan and will definitely get this... still like all the bangers from the album regardless
  8. This is a pretty big pressing so these should be widely available. I guess I'll go to my local UO to try to get the /500
  9. 1500 total Tri color /500 Spirit flame /500 green galaxy (web store exclusive) /500
  10. I grabbed the tri-color at Furnace Fest. So glad to see this album get the proper vinyl treatment. The 2017 pressing is one of the worst sounding albums I've ever had.
  11. Thursday is pretty much a legacy act since their reunion, so this makes sense. I saw them at Furnace Fest a couple years ago. Nothing in the catalog touches Full Collapse and War All The Time for me.
  12. Going to Furnace Fest if anyone has an album or tape or whatever they're after just hit me up soon.
  13. Which colors will be available at Furnace Fest? Cause that's where I'm banking on getting these haha
  14. Looks like they're almost sold out of every color. I'm sure this will get a lot of additional colors/copies.

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