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  1. has there been any photos or mockup of the cherry bomb vinyl?
  2. another link here: https://www.lavidaesunmus.com/product/tony-hawks-pro-skater/ i already have the red but i'm curious how this one will compare... not enough to double dip tho
  3. I thought this was pretty great on first listen, looking forward to digging into it more. Does anyone know if the clear vinyl is supposed to make it to brick & mortar? I remember picking up the clear C&L locally shortly after release.
  4. received this today, i'm actually pretty happy with it. there are sound effects from the video game in between the tracks which i thought was pretty interesting, and it ends on a locked groove with the skateboarding sound. the "now get off your couch and go skate!" on the spine was also a nice touch.
  5. copped it, thanks edit: someone press the thps2 soundtrack now
  6. yep, blue. there was no indication when i bought it, i didn't realize until i went to play it https://i.imgur.com/TY7mzbr.jpg
  7. i literally bought this from the merch table at the massey hall show, i can snap a pic if you want still got the poster from the show up on my wall, along with the hospital bracelet from when i broke my arm afterwards 🤘
  8. you guys convinced me but i went to checkout it was $41 usd shipping to canada
  9. I was on the fence about that one, it seems like it will take so much space on my shelf?
  10. https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/vinyl?sort_by=price-ascending meth, nick drake, gnr all back in stock