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  1. Dang, this is great. I wish i copped that purple LP when I had the chance.
  2. Gotcha, thanks for the info. I guess mine hasn't been shipped yet... 😒
  3. I got an email that said "We have finished processing your order". Is that the shipping notification? Or did you get another email following that?
  4. i also decided to pick up the clear and lesser matters as well. only 5 left if anyone was sleeping on it!
  5. jeez, i was going to hold out for NA distribution but i don't think i can pass on the clear the city limit is probably my favorite thing they've ever done
  6. did the orange non-book version make it to brick & mortars?
  7. wow, exciting. i quite enjoyed both of their previous albums, will be picking this up for sure
  8. this album really delivered... i might even shell out the coin for the 2LP. is the rappcats site down for anyone else? Edit: nvm it's back now. $30 USD for shipping to Canada 😵 i might have to rethink...
  9. wow, acid rap on vinyl would be huuuge