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  1. this album really delivered... i might even shell out the coin for the 2LP. is the rappcats site down for anyone else? Edit: nvm it's back now. $30 USD for shipping to Canada 😵 i might have to rethink...
  2. wow, acid rap on vinyl would be huuuge
  3. Dang, June is right by my house and is one my favorite shops. Sad news!
  4. this is getting repressed by matador with a bonus track and full color cover https://store.matadorrecords.com/habit-ep it's worth picking up if you were a fan of Lush
  5. 1. Alligator 2. Boxer 3. Trouble Will Find Me 4. Cherry Tree EP 5. High Violet 6. Sleep Well Beast 7. Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers 8. I Am Easy To Find 9. The National Alligator is untouchable imo, but their entire catalog is solid
  6. now that it's officially released as as single we can confirm hairpin turns is the album cut. i still don't regret owning this but do i miss the pre-TWFM days when the band had often great b-sides: sin-eaters, you were a kindness, blank slate, warm singing whores, etc.
  7. I hate myself for how badly I want it.
  8. The hype sticker on the record says "from the forthcoming album" and rough trade says "comes backed with another album cut". I think this was just wishful thinking on the part of some discogs user.
  9. they had a few copies at rotate this in toronto for $5. i couldn't resist at that price
  10. Thanks. I've never really understood the point of releasing a single where both sides are album cuts...