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  1. Thanks. I've never really understood the point of releasing a single where both sides are album cuts...
  2. you guys are getting me excited for the toronto show tomorrow night!!
  3. Did anyone get the yellow sinderlyn webstore edition? Apparently it comes with a lyrics insert but mine didn't contain anything like that. Can anyone confirm?
  4. I picked up a solid pink at their show in Toronto. I have a hard timing believing that it's actually /200.
  5. who's thinking about going to the album release show in toronto this afternoon? wondering if there will be any vinyl there...
  6. Does anyone know if it's still possible to get CT Vol. 1?
  7. olive green variant for the canucks: https://dubleplus.com/collections/mac-demarco/products/mac-demarco-here-comes-the-cowboy
  8. Definitely one of the better lists in years. Most interested in the Twin Peaks and Broken Social Scene EP. Maybe the Anderson .Paak - Bubblin' 7" also
  9. Anna von Hausswolff & Swans??? match made in heaven
  10. goddamn i should have just ordered this....... it's grown on me in a big way