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  1. my smokey copy showed up today, god damn does this shit ever bump
  2. That smokey vinyl edition sold out with a quickness, I'm glad I ordered last night!
  3. wow, hype. love me some andy, might have to pull the trigger on this one
  4. does anyone know if the clear/silver copies of the AWVFTS made it to brick and mortars?
  5. Any Canadian links? My copy of Sublime got stolen years ago and I've been meaning to replace it
  6. i hate to pass up any opportunity at frank vinyl, but $71 dollars shipped to toronto seems bit excessive for two 7" singles 😒
  7. This is so fucking good. I wish I had ordered the CT special edition but now it's sold out 😢
  8. dang you guys weren't kidding about the vinyl, the color mix is beautiful. for sure my fav alex g record so far, it's solid from front to back
  9. Dang, this is great. I wish i copped that purple LP when I had the chance.