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  1. Newbury Comics Exclusive: https://www.newburycomics.com/products/turnover-altogether_exclusive_lp?variant=29225233711209
  2. If you like old Teen Suicide, there's no chance you'll dislike the tour tape full length. Color 3LS is sold out, some magenta/yellow Oranges 7" left, but won't be for long.
  3. RFC exclusive color available here: http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/629335-basement-beside-myself
  4. Adam did WPSE long before he quit Tigers Jaw FYI, we even did a record store day release for him in 2013. If anyones planning on ordering this, do it quick, our copies will be sold out very soon.
  5. New Album is Sam's best and most cohesive work yet, in my opinion. Another new song here: https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/yw5e8y/sam-ray-knows-what-heaven-feels-like
  6. Sorry dude! Lot of shit to type, we all make mistakes! These records are going to be beautifully packaged and sound great. Really happy to be doing this
  7. Pre-order the RFC reissues of The Casket Lottery's first three LP's here: www.runforcoverstore.com Twenty years into its existence, The Casket Lottery is still evolving at its own pace. Over the course of four full length records, four EPs and countless other 7" singles, the Kansas City band has flirted with fidgety math rock, atmospheric explorations and anthemic singalongs, all while showcasing a masterful ability to balance world-weary heavy hearts with bombastic choruses that explode into stadium-sized fireworks displays. While the band has taken a few hiatuses over the past de
  8. Yeah the color came out super strange, sorry about that. We were confused as well.
  9. Most limited version will be available by itself. There's no excessive packages or anything. There is a bunch of new stuff available, but its all available individually to let people just get what they want. There's going to be a really nice deluxe version of the record as well as a variant out of 500.
  10. I have heard this song twice live, and I really, really think it sucks. It unarguably sounds like a track cut from S/T because it sounded too much like 3 or 4 songs already on it.
  11. You're comparing someone dressed up as a clown giving an arguably offensive performance on a stage, to someone hitting a girl in the face with a bottle of liquor.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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