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  1. bluethumb

    selling super rare batch of 7"s

    This seems legit...
  2. Snagged a pink splatter, can't believe I missed that they were releasing this–Pup rips, can't wait to hear the new album.
  3. bluethumb

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    Psyched for this release–I paid the extra for colored because one cannot help oneself. The price is quite reasonable for 4LPs, and considering the size/weight of all the jackets, inserts, a book, and apparently a slipcase, sub-$5 media mail is unreal. +1 for Numero
  4. I received my blue copy over the holiday and just got around to opening it - I haven't spun it yet but the cover artwork looks fantastic, and the acid quote on the backside of the sleeve is entertaining.
  5. Got my orange in today, jacket was fairly crunched but the record itself appeared unharmed. Looking forward to spinning this when everyone wakes up (because my mail man just dropped this off at 7:30 a.m.).
  6. bluethumb

    Pinback - Blue Screen Life reissue

    You misspelled both you're* and they're*. Your argument is irrelevant. Trollin'
  7. Nice, gladly picked up a copy on Qrates. These compilations have some great QA as all my other "2018" records sound flawless.
  8. bluethumb

    Water through my amp...

    As long as it wasn't on when it got wet, and you're sure you fully dried it before turning it on you will most likely have no lasting damage. After years of people borrowing my amps and spilling tall boys of PBR directly into the head vent... my experience is that the short will happen more immediately rather than lay dormant for any amount of time.
  9. I received shipping info just a day or two ago, very excited to receive this one in the mail. I have been waiting on this repress for a while, it's probably one of my most anticipated records of the year - that and the repressed Clever Girl LP.
  10. Grabbed a copy of Fall 2018, love their comps. I'll have to grab the Winter 2018 compilation when it's released and call it a day - it's too easy to buy all of these records.
  11. bluethumb

    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    Snagged a copy the other night, don't know how I slept on this band because they rip. A good mix of surface sound and deep cavernous vats of sound.
  12. bluethumb

    I don't like music anymore

    I've found the lo-fi and ambient genres to oddly have a reverse effect - I'll pop it on when I'm in a slump or bad spot, and the innate ambiance mixed with lush variety in sound textures just mellows me out and picks up my mood and washes over me. There are so many independent artists, and even the more well-known artists are so prolific there will certainly be no shortage of material to explore. Some of my favorites are below: Shlohmo Blithe Field Groundislava XXYYXX Ricky Eat Acid Son Lux (a little more indie, with vocals) Chillhop - Label with a ton of fantastic compilations they release (on vinyl at that) every quarter Maybe something in here will be a good intro to the genre