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    Pro-Ject Debut III
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    Polk Audio RTiA1 (2), Polk Audio PSW 110
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    Marantz SR-63 Integrated Amp
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    Parks Audio Budgie
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    Ortofon 2M Blue
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    Pro-Ject Speedbox S
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  1. Couldn't pass up that color your own cover, gladly picked it up from the PUP site. That splatter looks reaaaal nice—might even rival my Drugs to the Dear Youth splatter EP.
  2. Got my pink splatter last week and finally had a chance to spin it (so my wife could also enjoy this OG banger) - very pleased with the sounds and the mix played great through the record.
  3. I'd second the recommend for the 2M Blue—I have one on my Debut III and it even makes that thing sing. Big upgrade from the red as well from what I read.
  4. Just got my retail black copy in the mail, ain't as fancy as some of the others but I'm psyched to finally have it on vinyl.
  5. That's wild. To be honest I love this first Frances album but when I stumbled on it trolling through r/VinylCollectors I actually didn't know they ever pressed this and pulled the trigger immediately. A few days or so after I checked Discogs just for fun and saw it going for $75 or so.
  6. Well this is fun! Nothing crazy but I snagged a NM copy of Hop Along, Queen Ansleis - Freshman Year for $15 on Reddit a year ago. I also grabbed an OG pressing of The Fall of Troy - Doppelgänger for $20 sometime in 2012/2013.
  7. Just got my shipping confirmation for America from POS - man do these two tracks slap (as the kids say)
  8. I chased a hum on my Debut for years and in the end it was a few things, but this issue is so easy to miss! I had one cable that had slipped back at the perfect angle to not easily slip back on the last 2mm, helped a great deal to remedy that.
  9. Glad I caught this, snagged a baby blue. Somehow I've missed every other opportunity to own this.
  10. Not yet, but I'm quite anxious to spin this one. Also that shirt...