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  1. Looks like the BM link for the 12" single may have either sold out or it was an early slip - getting an "Available in store only" CTA. The wait begins.
  2. Hell yes! Grabbed a clear from the AKR store - will grab that 12" if/whenever it is available
  3. Psyched on this release. I grabbed one of the watermelons off of their bandcamp, there were only 10 left earlier this afternoon but Polyvinyl has plenty still I'm sure.
  4. Well dang, I was hyped when I saw this but no way to order on the Lenoise website and no delivery outside of Japan for the HMV link.
  5. Somehow had a green/orange still in my cart from a few weeks back when I decided to hold off. I pulled the trigger today and it went through so I'm curious to see which variant shows up considering it's sold out - I'll be happy with any variant.
  6. Feral Harmonic has some JAMS - but yeah that whole situation ended poorly.
  7. As the title suggests I'm looking for a copy of this 10" - either pressing is fine with me . Name your price, I'm also down to trade so take a look here if you'd prefer to trade: Tradelist I'm happy to check out any other SFP stuff folks might have as well - check my feedback on Discogs for ref.
  8. Liking what I've heard on bandcamp so far - in for this. No sleep has had some real bangers lately.
  9. This album is so damn good - I have an OG but that purple/white looks pretty tempting
  10. In for this, grabbed the blue & seafoam (is it me or are "early bird" quantities getting larger and larger) and looking forward to some new material