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  1. Snagged an opaque orange Parrot Flies - I had an OG copy back in the day and sold it for next to nothing, I'm glad I can get this album back as I miss it.
  2. Definitely check it out, Spencer Radcliffe has gone by many different pseudonyms in the past but Blithe Field is IMHO some of his best work if you're into the lo-fi scene. Plus added nostalgia points for the name referencing Judy's (Doug's older sister) art school, from Doug. In addition to a handful of vinyl, he has a ton of digital EPs and albums and they're all great! Also my collection is below, working on the second coming (aka cleaning out the shelves for my rotating taste records): https://www.discogs.com/user/bluethumb/collection
  3. bluethumb

    Pre-Amp Questions?

    I agree with most everything @mikeburns said, solid advice. If you do decide to get a pre-amp sooner rather than later, consider the Parks Audi Budgie which in my humble opinion sounds fantastic and the tubes allow you to upgrade the sound by rolling (if you're into that whole other hobby). Plus it comes in at $400 so it may be a bit easier on your wallet - support is killer if you need help figuring out the best load settings, etc. for your setup.
  4. Snagged a copy of this from Discogs (for whatever reason VinylDigital said it was "not buyable") - great recommendation, really nice lo-fi.
  5. Sad I missed the preorder (failing my fanboi duties), hopefully I can pick it up on the proper release as it's a great A-side.
  6. Grabbed a clear for the price (and still at 180g) and the /500
  7. Very excited for this as I'm a PtL fanboi, but what a tease to click "Pre-order" only to get a page with no PtL album.
  8. bluethumb

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    Happy to stumble on this thread, I finally snagged a copy of O God... pumped on that!
  9. I've got a copy of A Gentle Reminder on marbled blue that I'd let go if you're interested.
  10. bluethumb

    PO Now: Strange Ranger - Daymoon

    Agreed, this EP rips. Which makes it all the more disappointing it's tape-only - strong Rot Forever vibes in a few tracks.
  11. Some of the Duster - Stratosphere LPs are going for $400 on Discogs – I wonder what the OG prices will drop to when/if the recent announcements about a multi-album repress come to fruition.
  12. Hell yesss - ordered an orange with haste. Just completed my PtL collection and it feels so good.
  13. So mad I bought this 4 months ago for $70... le sigh
  14. Same, gorgeous embossing on the jacket and a similar etching on the D side - they did a nice job on this one.
  15. bluethumb

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    Looking forward to grabbing one or all of these fo sho